Ways to use Lemon as a Home Remedy to Remove Dandruff

Dandruff is a problem faced by at least 9 out of 10 people ranging from mild to severe condition. We all have dandruff because shedding dead skin cells is skin’s natural process but when it is caused by opportunistic fungus/yeast on the scalp, extreme dryness or due to sweat or unhygienic conditions; it’s time to do something about it. Lemon is a wonder ingredient that has a number of beauty benefits and uses. Lemons are acidic in nature that is beneficial for skin, hair and health and can be a great ingredient to cure dandruff keeping in mind it is used on regular basis. Here are few reasons as to why lemon is effective along with ways to use it:



Lemon has acidic pH which is great for the scalp! It helps kill all the unwanted bacteria and fungus on scalp’s surface and also balances the scalp pH. Opportunistic fungus on scalp grows when the pH is disrupted and when lemon is used, it balances the pH thus preventing growth of dandruff-causing fungus and keeping dandruff at bay.


Like I mentioned, lemon does a great job in balancing scalp’s pH. As pH is balanced, unwanted bacteria and dandruff-causing yeast (fungus) remains dormant and un-pathogenic hence does not multiply. It also kills the existing bacteria thus eradicating dandruff.


Lemon juice moisturizes the scalp skin and also treats dryness. Dandruff can also be a result of dry weather and dry scalp, lemon juice being a good scalp moisturizer prevents flaking of the skin thus preventing dandruff.


Lemon is rich in citric acid that helps to clarify and detox the scalp. This keeps dandruff at bay and scalp healthy.



Lemon water works great as hair rinse. It is acidic in nature and it works just like apple cider vinegar hair rinse. It eradicates dandruff and makes hair shiny and soft. To use lemon water as hair rinse, wash your hair as usual and pour it on the scalp and entire hair. Massage scalp and hair for a minute or two and tie a bun. Keep it for 3-4 minutes and then wash it off using plain water. You may also skip washing if you have severe dandruff problem. More: Lemon water beauty uses.


To use lemon water as hair and scalp mist, fill a spray bottle with lemon water (1 cup lemon juice with 3-4 cups water) and spray it on your towel-dried scalp and hair after washing. If you are at home and its summertime, you can keep the mist in fridge and then use it as and when you want on your scalp for a cool and refreshing feel.


In case of severe itchy spots with white flaky dandruff, lemon juice can be used as a spot treatment a night before hair washing. Mix up lemon juice with little coconut oil and tea tree oil. Apply it on the spots using a cotton bud. Shampoo the next day.