Juicing vs. Blending: Which One Is Better?

Juicing or blending, which one do you prefer? People usually choose methods according to what is available or feasible. There is a common misconception about juicing and blending being the same. Juicing and blending is our partner in busy schedules, but we need to choose the method not according to what is feasible, but what we actually need. Here is a guide on the difference between juicing and blending and that which one is better:

Juicing vs. Blending: Which One Is Better? FIBRE

The top difference between juicing and blending is the fibre content. In juicing, we normally just put the ingredients in the juicer- it separates the pulp and juice and what we consume is the juice extracted from the pulp.  In blending, nothing is separated, all the ingredients along with pulp is blended i.e. mixed together and everything goes into our body. Pulp of the fruit or vegetable contains fibre that we need to keep our metabolism running smoothly and by separating the pulp in juicing, we actually remove all the fibre from the fruit/vegetable.

The winner: Blending


Whatever we consume, it all depends upon the absorption rate whether it is healthier. Anything that gets absorbed sooner gives us instant benefits, while the one getting absorbed later too have benefits but not quickly. Its not a bad thing, but when you need quick energy, you got to choose what gets absorbed quickly.  Since juicing does not contain any fibre or particulate, gets instantly absorbed in the body and the metabolism takes almost no time; on the other hand, blending contains all the fibre and particulate matter which takes time to metabolize and absorption is thus slow comparatively.

The winner: Juicing


Drinking 4 litres of water per day is essential for a healthy metabolism, healthy skin and to maintain a healthy weight. It is not always possible to consume 4 litres of water every day, so drinking fluid is recommended. Nothing beats nutrient filled fruit or vegetable juice over water! Juice contains more water than blended smoothie!

The winner: Juicing


Fruit or vegetable smoothie or just a blend of it contains more nutrients than their juice. This is because it retains all its nutrients, minerals, fibre etc. When you juice any particular ingredient, you actually separate out most of the essential nutrients from it. Blending is therefore preferred when you are in need of nutrition or when you need to have a balanced diet.

The winner: Blending


When you are hungry, what would you be choosing? A fulfilling smoothie or fruit juice? Of course smoothie! Since smoothie contains all the essential nutrients along with fibre and other fruit/vegetable matter, it takes time to metabolise, fills your stomach and keeps you filling full for longer.

The winner: Blending


Compare 1 glass of juice with 1 glass of blended smoothie- one glass of smoothie contains only limited fruits and veggies, on the other hand, one glass of juice can fit more veggies and fruits. Thus, you end up consuming juice of 3-4 fruits (for instance) in a glass of fruit juice while you only have 1-2 fruits in a smoothie which also contains other ingredients.

The winner: Juicing


Juicing and blending both have the good the not-so-good points. Both juiced fruits and veggies and blended fruits/veggies with other ingredients are needed in your diet.