How to Wash Your Pillows By Hand

How many of us can live without a pillow? I do not know about you but I love my pillow a lot. Just try sleeping without it one night and you will realize its value. Anyways for all those who love their pillows, a question for you- how often do you wash it? Well yes, pillows are one of those things which have been given the least importance.

Although we wash and change the pillow covers regularly it is very important to wash the pillows as much. Reason being, they are subjected to a huge amount of dust, dirt and grime apart from the bacteria and other microorganisms. No matter how much you ta care of your skin ultimately sleeping on a dirty pillow can transfer all the dirt and bacteria on to your skin and hair and make it dirty. That will result in dandruff, skin breakouts, odor etc.

So now that you know how important it is to wash your pillows, let us know how to do that. We already have a post on how to wash pillows in Washing machine, so today I am going to tell you how to wash your pillows by hand or manually.

First and foremost, know if your pillows can be washed, and for that just check the material with which your pillow is made. The details or instructions about the pillow material will be present somewhere on the pillow. In general all pillows are washable and the ones that are not have specific instructions. If it is dry wash pillows then please do not try washing, just take it to a dry wash center.

So let us get into the detailed steps to wash pillows manually:

How to Wash Your Pillows By Hand – Instructions Remove the pillow cover and keep. Next fill up a tub or whatever you choose to soak your pillow with hot water. Hot water is used as it helps in eliminating dust mites. you can also add a few drops of bleach if you want some extra whiteness or else you can skip that. Next add some mild detergent powder in to the water. Mix it well. Then take the pillow and immerse it in the tub. Leave it to soak for about half an hour. After half an hour, squeeze out the pillows and rinse it several times until all the dirt and soap is gone. Once you are done washing the pillow, make sure you dry it completely. You can either put in the dryer or air dry it. Just hang it outside or place it in open space where it can dry completely.

There you have your squeaky clean pillow. Wash your pillows this way regularly in order to maintain it hygienic and clean.

Note: I would recommend using one pillow at a time however If you are soaking the pillow in a tub you can take a couple of them too.