If you are lucky enough to hit a plan to visit beaches in this scorching sun heat, you will really have fun and enjoy the trip. Besides the ‘ausumness’ of visiting beaches there are some ‘Oh no’ facts too. On your way back to home, you will find your scalp oily and sticky. No matter what your hair says about texture, it automatically starts drying up near beaches due to the moisture content and humidity in the ocean waves. It is essential to take of your hair along with your skin. We all remember to make our skin supple and protect them from skin tans by applying litres of sunscreens and moisturising lotion, but what about hair? Don’t worry the next time you hit a beach, you can consider these tips on how to take care of hair in beaches.


Strict no to styling: Beach is a place where you can be more colourful and mischievous with your makeup and accessories. But what is the need to grab every ones attention, go simple instead. You don’t need to support your hair with gel, hair sprays or hot metal machines. Try a simple hairstyle, but a funky one. Styling will worsen the hair condition in the beach as the humidity and moisture content around the air waves goes opposite to your artificial styling agents.

Grab a summer Hat: Who says you cannot look well-dressed on beaches, get a perfect matching summer hats that will protect your hair and make you look Stylish too. Sun damage is the biggest factor contributing too many hair root problem. Once you have fixed you hair with proper hat, you don’t need to worry about the protection, you hat will do that for you. Choose a big round summer cap so that the salt does not get carried away by your hair.

Use coconut oil: How good is the coconut oil is treating you totally depends on how to use the oil. If you think, you already have a dry scalp and it is prone to dry quickly due to ocean air, than take some coconut oil and rub it on the tip. It will prevent from extra dryness and also smells great. You can also apply little bit of oil throughout your hair to keep them moisturised. Do not worry Coconut oil does not leave your hair sticky

Wash your hair: As soon as you return your home from beach, run for a shower. Once you have used shampoo on your hair, coat it with good conditioner. Conditioner will help to get of tanged hair and will keep them moisturised again. Do not rub with a towel let your hair dry naturally. Also do not use a blow dryer for two days after your visit, it will result in hair damage.

Use the correct comb: Do not use comb with close teeth ends, but use a wide tooth brush which does not breaks your hair or tangle them again. A good comb is a natural massage to your hair in itself. So always be careful while you choose comb for use.

Hairstyle : If you want to break your fashion line on beaches, try a braid, pony tail or a bun. Accessories it with colourful fancy clips, pins or beads on it. Keep them loose so that the sand does not get fixed between your hair plates.

Raise them high: When you have reached almost around the beaches use a bobby pin to raise your buns high. Back and neckline is considered to be a sweat zone, hence this is a place where sand can easily fixed, and to avoid this raise your bun high so that sand doesn’t enters the hair to make the scalp oily and sticky.

Hope you found this post useful. Have happy weekends.