‘New is Gold for me’ only when it is concerned to cosmetics and dresses, and pinch me harder if it is the same pinch for you too. In new cosmetic fever, my old ones remained untouched and sometimes expired too. I really hate it when my good cosmetic expires .But sometimes I’m unsure whether to use the product or not, if this is the case with you too than you can follow these steps before using an expired product on your face.


Body lotion.: The ones in jars expire faster than those stored in bottles with pumps. If your Body lotion has expired, it starts releasing a foul smell, change their colour and can be sticky in texture too. Nothing counts more than a good health, so if you feel this change simply throw the bottle, without giving it a try.

Mascara: Mascara has the smallest life expectancy when concerned with other cosmetic product. It is prone to expire in every 3 months. Your mascara bottles get dried in 3 months whether you use regularly or not. Few try adding drops of water and reusing them again. Do not do that. Simply shake the bottle and check whether you get some pungent smell or a strong alcohol scent coming out of it. Mascara is to be applied close to your eyes so you need to give an extra attention. Keep changing your bottles every 3-4 months.

Concealers: are used to conceal the uneven skin. But if it an expired concealer you can see and feel the difference in texture when applied on skin. Usually, concealers expire in a year or a two. Sticky concealer end up working well for two years and liquid for one year.

Kajal pencil and lip liner: If your cosmetics starts behaving rude on your skin or there is some difference in the smell, pay attention to the changes. Kajal pencils and lip liners can be good for 3-4 years, if sharped regularly and stored dry. If you spot a white tip on your pencil liner than its time to buy another pencil.

Storage of perfumes should always be away from sun, heat and warmth. It is really painful to throw an unused Perfume in a bin, but yes you need to do if your nose can smell a different smell. A perfume bottle is expired if it starts smelling different.

Lipstick: Lipsticks are girls favourite cosmetic, you get one new colour and you forget the rest! A lipstick can last up to 2 years as long as it smells and looks good. Same goes for lip gloss.

Life of Foundation is two years. If it starts smelling, changes its texture and tone colour. When you observe these differences all you need to do is get a new foundation.

Nail polish: If you think Nail polish is a long time investment than you are wrong .Nail polish expires within 2-3 years. Expired nail paint starts separating on your nail followed by a change in a texture and colour. Nail paints also releases an alcoholic smell.

Eye shadow: Average life on an eye shadow is 2-3 months. Keep changing every 2-3 months. If you love wearing eye shadows with different shades, than you should be very careful with your shades. In order to see if your eye shadow has gone bad, look for any changes in colour and smell.

Blush: Powder ones become drier and flatter. If they start to get a film over them, do not think twice before throwing .Their life cycle is 2-3 years.

That’s all friends; I tried to club most of the daily used cosmetics. You should be very careful before using any cosmetics and always keep checking the expiry date. The best way to keep the health of cosmetics good is by storing them in cool and dry place. If you are unsure about the product, test it first.


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