Healthy Skin with Loofah

The secret to healthy skin is to exfoliate, when it comes to exfoliating dead or dry skin everyone has a different way to it.

Loofah helps to exfoliate the dead skin and improves circulation leaving your skin soft and smooth. If you gently run your fingers over your face you can feel uneven texture but after exfoliation you will notice that the skin is more even and smooth.

Loofah comes in soft texture and coarser texture, the coarser textured loofah is mainly used for legs and feet. There are soft loofah sponge for sensitive skin, you also get loofah with both the textures on either sides.
Loofah also comes in a form of a brush which is helpful when you have to exfoliate your back or legs. If your worried about dark underarms then with loofah you can get whiter underarms as it gently exfoliates the skin and keeps it fresh. To use the loofah just soften it by soaking it in water, add body wash and use it in circular motion on the skin for better results

The after care of loofah is very important:
* rinse of the loofah thoroughly
* soak it in warm water
* add few drops of white vinegar to the water
* which is then followed by wash
* air dry.