Get rid and prevent yellow sweat stain

Get rid and prevent yellow sweat stainSweating can leave stubborn yellow marks, so try these simple and easy  DIY solutions to get rid of sweat stains. Here are some tips for removing underarm sweat stain and preventing them from coming back.

Hydrogen peroxide stain remover:

Soak your white shirt in a mixture of equal parts cool water and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of underarm stain. After about 30 minutes, rinse the shirt again in cold water and wash as normal.

Baking Soda Solution:

Make a solution with one part baking soda, one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Rub the solution into the stain, use an old soft toothbrush to gentle scrub the area and allow to work for at least 30 minutes. Wash as usual in warm or cold water.

Aspirin stain Remover:

Crush 3 aspirin in half a cup of warm water. Allow the stained area to soak in the treatment for about two hours and then wash as you normally would.

Lemon juice also helps remove dark underarm stains on t-shirts. Lemon stain remover:
Lemon juice also helps remove dark underarm stains on t-shirts. Spray the area with lemon juice and leave it on for few mins before you wash the stained cloth.

Prevent sweat stain:

  • Apply deodorant to provide extra protection against sweating and make sure you are using an antiperspirant, not just a deodorant.
  • User disposable pads under the arms to prevent underarm sweating and stains.
  • Sprinkle some baby powder on the armpit area to smell fresh and absorb sweat.