Get Rid of Bumps after Waxing

Red rashes or bumps may appear on skin after waxing specially if you have sensitive skin….

Get Rid of Bumps after WaxingThough the good news is that, here are few steps you can take to get rid of them and get a perfect wax the next time you go for a wax:

Use a gentle scrub before waxing, gently exfoliate the skin with a mild soap and loofah or just mix sugar with olive oil to scrub the skin to get rid of dry, dead skin.

Gently wash the waxed area with warm water, dip a cotton ball into witch hazel and use it on the area.

If rashes or redness appear after waxing then use a ice cube or splash cold water to sooth the area for a cooling effect. Repeat using ice cubes until the redness or bumps resolve.

Apply pure Aloe Vera gel to get rid of redness and hydrate the area.

Use cold rose water on the areas where you get red bumps. It not only soothes and calm the skin but also prevents irritation.

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