25 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Its absolutely amazing when you can re-purpose one thing and use it for various other reasons. Coffee, something that is available at everybody’s house is one such thing. Read on to find out how you can use this amazing product in various different ways, to get the ultimate value for your money.

25 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee GroundsIn the house:

1.Dish cleaner: Use some ground coffee instead or your regular cleaners to scrub your pots and pans.

2. Sink Cleaner: Ground coffee can also be used to scour your sink, just make sure it not porcelain.

3. Polish cookware: Use it to scrape your dishes clean and get rid of any food build up. Just make sure not to use it on any kind of porous material, as it will absorb in to it, and cause brown stains.

4. Grill cleaner: Use it as a scrub for you grill or barbecue to deep clean them.

5. Deodorizer: It can be made in to a natural deodorizer. Keep some in the fridge, freezer or corner of your rooms to keep it smelling yummy. Place a satchel of coffee grounds in smelly shoes to absorb odor.

6. Odor: You can rub some in to your hands before handling food, as this will reduce any kind of preparation odors.

7. Bug Repellent: It is a natural ant repellent. Put some in any ant infested areas, and watch those little creatures disappear.

8. Coffee Dye: Since coffee seeps through, you can dye any kind of porous material with some strongly brewed coffee.

9. Furniture Polish: Camouflage scratches on furniture. Just rub some strongly brewed coffee directly on the scratch to cover it. Obviously, this works better on furniture that is made of darker wood.

10. Vintage paper: Add coffee grounds to an empty pan or cookie sheet and pour boiling water over them. Add a piece of paper and let it steep until paper reaches desired color. Hang to dry.

In the garden:

10. Fertilize plants: It is bio degradable and makes a great fertilizer as it has hight magnesium, nitroger, potassium and calcium content. It will enrich your soil and make it more fertile. They can be mixed in with compost for added nutrition.

11. Natural pesticide: It can be used as a natural pesticide and repellent. The odor is very strong and therefore keeps bugs at bay, but it is completely natural and safe, and therefore does not harm you or your garden in any way.

12. Keep cats out of your garden by sprinkling some coffee in to the soil. It will keep cats away from your garden and will also ensre that they don’t dig or poop in your garden, because as we all know cat feces is extremely harmful for your plants.

13. Keep out snails as well as slugs. The smell repels them, and since the texture is so coarse, they will stay at bay.

14. Add nutrition in to the soils of your plants that love an acidic environment, such as roses and other plants. Making the soil acidic for such plants will make them flourish better.

15. You can use coffee to kill ants outdoors also. Just sprinkle some on the soil and it will become ant free in no time.

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So put this miracle everyday product to good use, and reap all its benefits.