We have a habit of storing food in the fridge- be it any food item. Most of us do this and I am sure many of you will agree. We think of a common concept that whatever we refrigerate remains fresh- wrong! There are a lot of food items that do not like humidity and water and when we refrigerate, water droplets form on them which can increase the water activity and cause bacterial growth. If you are confused to what keep in the fridge and what not to keep, here is an ultimate guide for you! Here is a list of foods you should NEVER keep in the fridge:


Tomatoes are most commonly seen in the fridge! This is a wrong thing since tomatoes wrinkle out and get mushy at such a low temperature. Keep them out in the dry for a few days and see- they remain fresh and plump. At room temperatures, tomatoes also develop their flavours which won’t happen in the fridge.


How many of you have a habit of storing cakes in the fridge? After every birthday party, the remaining cake is often tossed in the fridge. This just makes it stiff and cakes lose all of the moisture. If the cake has fresh cream over it, they too harden and it certainly doesn’t feel like cake. Fruit cakes especially pineapple changes taste overtime in the fridge. Always keep cakes in air tight containers and at room temperatures or winter cool temperatures.


Bananas hail from tropical climates and they have no defence mechanism against the cold. So when you stick them into the fridge you are actually making them rot. If bananas are green and you put them in the fridge, they won’t ripe at all since the enzymes require warm temperatures to work. More on how to store bananas for longer >>


If you have a habit of throwing away the coffee jar in fridge, its time you should now stop doing that! Coffee powders absorb the nearby smell and fragrances when exposed to it for longer. You certainly do not want your coffee to smell like curry! Keep the coffee powder in an air tight container at room temperatures.


Any bread you buy is supposed to be consumed within 3 days of manufacturing. You keeping the bread in the fridge is not going to extend its shelf life. In fact, when you keep the bread in fridge it dries up and becomes stiff, and might turn inedible even before its expiry.


Honey never really goes off, so why keep it in fridge? When you keep honey at such low temperatures, they crystallize and form sugary-crystalline goop. It won’t spoil it but then you will need to thaw it and wait until it reaches its original consistency before using.