Whenever we buy food, we always keep in mind its sugar content, fat content, the amount of fiber it can provide, calories and what not. The very last thing we think about is its salt content. Salt content in a food does have direct effects on our health and many are not aware of this fact. High salt means high sodium and high sodium has negative health effects especially if you have high blood pressure! Here is a list of foods you need to avid that have surprisingly high amounts of salts:



Yes, this can come as a shock to some as chicken breast is an amazing protein source and is recommended for those who work out regularly. But, this is the case only with packaged chicken breasts as they are often injected with brine solution to enhance their flavor and taste and also to keep them fresh for longer. So, always make sure you buy fresh chicken instead of packaged ones.


Most of the dairy products aren’t a problem with high sodium as they have more potassium that increases the excretion of sodium from the body. Cheese is one dairy product you can have problems with! Cheese is high in sodium and has less potassium so the sodium actually affects your health by staying in. Not only is cheese high in natural sodium, but extra salt too is added to it in the making process. UNDERSTANDING FOOD LABELS – MAKE THE BEST FOOD DECISIONS


Cereals are an obvious high salt containing food since it is packaged and any packaged food you consider, has more sodium/salt. In addition to added sugars, cereals also have added salt! If you ever check the labels of these cereals, you will realize that per serving contains 200 to 280 mg of sodium and we do not have just one serving a day right?


Salad dressings have high salt aka high sodium and that goes unsaid! It is packaged and you can always taste the salt in it. Salad dressings usually have more salt to preserve them as they are perishable and to also add in extra flavor to your salads. It is always the best to make your very own salad dressings at home so you have total control over the salt content.


There are many instant oatmeal packs that we get in the market wherein you just add water to it, cook and you are done! These instant foods contain added sugar and salt as well! Why not opt for regular oatmeal instead? Making them is easy and they are definitely cheaper! Regular oatmeal has 0 mg of sodium while instant oatmeal has 200 mg per packet! TOP 10 FOODS HIGHEST IN SUGAR


Condiments like ketchup, soy sauce, schezwan sauce, barbeque cause etc. are not only high in sugar but also are high in salt content. They contain more salt in order to make them flavorful and also to preserve them for longer. These condiments contain approx. 500-900 mg of salt in one serving! Instead, opt for homemade sauces.


Nut butters taste delicious but do you really know the ingredients they have? Nut butters contain sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils to give them the perfect texture and taste. 2 tablespoons of nut butter can contain approx. 125 mg of salt!