Hello all, I am here to share my experience with my newly bought BB cream by the brand fair & lovely. I love to use BB creams as I can’t wear makeup on my face every day and BB creams are perfect for me. And as I saw the ad of fair & lovely bb cream, I rushed to buy it, since it was claiming to give a MAKE-UP FINISH. It’s been a week, I am using it. Let’s see the qualities of this product in my review.

  • Shade: nude
  • Ingredients: image
  • Claims: image
  • Direction for use: image
  • Life span: 24 months

FAIR & LOVELY BB CREAM REVIEW AND PRICEMy experience with fair & lovely BB cream: Fair & lovely BB cream comes in a very attractive tube with a white screw cap on it. I really like the nude shade used on the tube of the product. It really looks nice. Also the tube is well-built to be fitted in your bag. So you can take it along where ever you go.

Coming to the consistency of the cream, then it is quite good, neither too thick nor too runny. A small amount of the cream is enough for the coverage of whole face. I found the fragrance of this cream very fruity and foundation like smell. It is very much similar to the fragrance of fair & lovely regular cream. The smell doesn’t stay for a long time. It goes off within 1-2 minutes.

FAIR & LOVELY BB CREAM REVIEW AND PRICEThe fair & lovely BB cream gives a fairer look and even skin tone. But if your skin tone is dark then it might give you a non-natural look. It instantly covers the dark spots on my face and gives a matte look.

It easily blends on my skin. The shade of the cream is quite good and matches my skin tone. But the texture is little sticky. It gives a non oily matte look so it is good for oily skin. It balances the level of oil on my face for a long time. Girls having dry skin try to use some other BB cream.

The product claims to give sun protection also, as it has SPF-15 in it. So if it is not a too sunny day then you can avoid applying your sunscreen on your face. Fair & lovely BB cream is a mixture of foundation and fairness cream. You can use it as a regular cream.

FAIR & LOVELY BB CREAM REVIEW AND PRICEGood about fair & lovely BB cream:

  • Easily available
  • Highly affordable
  • Nice packaging
  • Smells really nice
  • Blends easily
  • Good for oily skin
  • Gives sun protection with SPF 15
  • Hides dark spots
  • Gives matte look

Bad about fair & lovely BB cream:

  • Not good for dark skin tone
  • Not a good moisturizer
  • Not for dry skin
  • A little sticky texture

Price: 79/- for 18 gms