EXTRAORDINARY USES FOR DISHWASHING SOAPDish washing liquid is one among the basic ingredient which every household woman requires. Earlier they used to clean utensils with the help of lemon and other such citric acids. Now, there are dishwashing liquids which are enriched with all the power to remove the stains from the utensils.

We can alternatively use dish washing liquid in many different ways. Here we mention you some of the different ways to use dish washing liquid.

  1. Washing soft toys

Surprisingly but true, you can use dish washing liquids to wash soft toys as they lather a lot as compared to other detergents and soaps. Washing soft toys with dish washing liquids makes it quick and easier too. It also helps to make your toys smell good and refreshing. Most of the dish washing liquids come out with lemon, which can give an absolute power.

  1. To remove Mehendi colour

Dish washing liquids can effectively help to remove Mehendi colour. Rubbing twice with dis washing liquid can help you to get better results.

  1. Collar stains

Most of the times, the shirts is white in colour whereas the collar appears to have yellow stains. During such time, you can put some drops on the collar and then rub the collars against each other. Dish washing powder can help to remove the yellow stains.

  1. Scrub tiles

If you have a white marble tiles on the floor, you would be familiar with the care and maintenance it requires. Few drops of dish washing powder a help to scrub the tiles and make it look clean. Also, due to anti-bacterial properties and refreshing agent present in it, dishwashing liquid makes your tile look clean and smell fresh too.

  1. Car wash

You can definitely wash car at home. Instead of cleaning the car with the solution which is provided in the kit, you can once try to clean them with dish washing liquids. Dish washing liquids lather quickly which makes its very easy to wash the car completely. Also it glides off easily, where you don’t need to worry about scrubbing.

  1. Pre manicure test

You can always take some dishwashing liquid in bowl and add some water to it. Now, soak the hands into this mixture for few minutes, so that the dirt and germs get out of it. The cuticles look more clean and brighter, because of the citric acid present in the solution. Now, take out your hand and rub some moisturiser, if you feel over dried.

  1. Carpet cleaner

So, do you observe some stubborn stains over the carpet? One among the best and easy way to remove these stains is by using a dish washing liquid. Put some drop of liquids at the place of stain and then rub it vigorously. You can also take a damp sponge and add few drops of liquid to it, so that the strain can be removed. Soaking the carpet for next 10 miutes, can help to dirt and dust to release out of carpet.