Elderberries have been used for their medicinal benefits for thousands of years throughout North America, Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. Elderberries in the form of elderberry syrup or juice have been shown to boost immunity, decrease mucous production during colds and fight the flu. Here is how you can make elderberry syrup/juice along with its benefits:


Things you need: You need ½ cup dried, organic elderberries, 3 cups filtered water and 1 cup raw honey.

Method: Place dried elderberries (or 1 cup fresh, ripe elderberries)) and filtered water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer on medium-low for 30 minutes. Mash the elderberries to release any remaining juice.   Strain the mixture into a glass bowl using a cheesecloth.   When the liquid has come to room temperature, gently stir in the raw honey and mix thoroughly. You can use it as a syrup (1-2 tablespoons at a time) or juice (3-4 tablespoons in filtered water).



Elderberry has been proven effective against eight different influenza viruses. The study indicated that it may provide protection against a wide range of flu viruses, solving the problem of the “mutating flu”, because most strains of the virus use the same enzyme mechanism to penetrate cells.


Elderberries are packed with dietary fibre that can help eliminate constipation, reduce excess gas, and generally increase the health of your gastrointestinal system. Fibre can also help to increase the nutrient uptake efficiency in your gut so you get more out of your food!


Some of the active antioxidant ingredients in elderberries work directly on the pancreas to regulate insulin and glucose levels, either providing stability for people who suffer from diabetes or helping non-diabetics to avoid developing this terrible condition.


Elderberries are a rich source of vitamins A and C, which are crucial in helping the body maintain optimal health. Plus, the bioflavonoids in elderberry syrup boost the body’s immune system by increasing antioxidant levels and viruses that damage cell walls. A daily dose (1 tablespoon every morning) can assist you in preventing both acute and chronic disease.


Elderberries are great weight loss aids! The fibre in elderberry keeps you feeling full, the low calorie count doesn’t affect your intake too much, but you also get dozens of other health benefits as well!


One of the elderberry uses is its ability to combat cancer. Some of the physiological reactions in the body leave free radicals as the by-products. These free radicals initiate chain reactions that cause cell division, leading to formation of tumours, which later become cancerous. The high content of antioxidants in elderberry helps prevent the formation of cancerous cells, thereby inhibiting the onset of cancer.


  • Regular consumption of black elderberry juices neutralizes the harmful effects of bad eating habits and environmental hazards such as pollution.
  • Elderberry juice being a rich source of vitamin A helps enhance vision.
  • Elderberry juice or elderberry concentrate also shields you against infection of human immuno virus (HIV), thereby preventing AIDS.
  • The antioxidant activity, combined with its significant levels of vitamin A, make elderberries perfect for preventing or lessening wrinkles, helping age spots to fade, and generally improving the glow and tone of your body’s largest and most visible organ!