Dull, Dry Winter Skin Remedy with 5 Winter Face and Body Mask

Dehydrated skin can look dull and lack that glow, face masks help to rejuvenate and enhance your complexion providing enough moisture to your skin. So here are easy and natural homemade face masks you can make for a soft, smooth and glowing skin all season long:

Dull, Dry Winter Skin Remedy with 5 Winter Face and Body MaskMilk Cream:

Avoid using soap if you have extreme dry skin instead try using milk cream to cleanse and moisturize your skin. Massage the milk all over the face and spread it as a pack for few mins before you rinse with warm water.

Coconut Milk Mask:

Coconut milk helps to cleanse the skin without clogging pores for a radiant skin. Use it on your face as well as your body to soften the skin.

Honey Pack:

Use honey as a face pack specially if you have acne prone skin, the anti bacterial properties will reduce and prevent acne while moisturizing the skin.

Almond Oil:

Massage a drop or two of almond oil into your face and body, leave it on for 5-10mins before stepping into the shower.

Aloe Vera Pack:

To soften the skin apply pure aloe vera gel to moisturize the skin. Leave it on for 15mins and rinse off.

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