One of the beauty issues girls deal with has to be the discolored underarms. This is the main reason behind most girls outing out of sleeveless clothes too. The dark underarm is an issue but not a medical condition to start with. This typical condition is a result of skin’s reaction to the exposure to certain elements like chemicals, sweat etc.

DIY UNDERARM LIGHTENING SCRUB & MASK RECIPETo avoid darkening of the under arms avoid shaving and the use of alcohol based deodorants. Use loose clothes to avoid accumulation of dirt and sweat. Tight clothes also needs to be avoided as poor ventilation in the under arms can lead to dark underarms. Now that you know what to avoid, let us get on to the remedy.

This DIY remedy will help you take care of dark underarms. This remedy if used regularly will surely help in lightening the dark under arms. So let us get on to the remedy. DIY natural coconut deodorant >>


  1. Cucumber- juice- 1 tablespoons
  2. Lemon juice- 1 tablespoons
  3. Baking soda- 1/2 tablespoon
  4. Olive oil- 1 teaspoon


Take a cucumber and peel the skin off. Cut it into half and then grate it. Squeeze it to get the cucumber juice. Transfer it into a bowl and add lime juice, olive oil into it. Mix it well, then add baking soda into the mixture and mix well. Apply this in your under arms and scrub it gently. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off. You can do this regularly before taking bath.


  • This pack contains cucumber which happens to be a natural bleaching agent. This will help in lightening the dark underarms.
  • Same goes with lemon juice too, it is also a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agent.
  • Baking soda acts as an exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin and dirt.
  • Olive oil moisturizes the skin well and evens it out too.

Other than this remedy, you can use the lemon wedges to scrub it in your underarms . Baking soda too can be used on its own to get great results.

This remedy on the whole is a combination of all these amazing ingredients and hence works better. So do try it and let us know how it worked for you.