DIY 3 Natural Makeup setting Spray for long lasting and flawless makeup

To make your makeup look smoother and vibrant all day long use a makeup setting spray. The spray will avoid any makeup melt and  give your makeup serious staying power. Here are easy and inexpensive makeup setting spray recipes using natural ingredients that is light and comfortable to make sure your makeup stays put.

Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray



Witch hazel- witch hazel has skin calming, pore-unclogging and sanitizing properties. Since it is anti-microbial in nature, diminish the appearance of large pores, helps control excess oil, it also prevents acne and other skin issues related to bacteria build-up on makeup brushes.
Rose water- Rose water has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.

Method – Get the recipe here >>

Aloe Vera Makeup Setting Spray

Aloe Vera Makeup setting SprayAloe vera is one natural skin care ingredient to keep your skin healthy and radiant. The aloe makeup setting spray is absolutely easy to make and it can make your makeup last long in the most hydrating as well as the most refreshing way.

Method – Get the recipe here >>

Rose Water Makeup Setting Spray

Method – Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to heal irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.  Get the recipe. 


  • You can add in few drops of Vitamin E oil to extend the shelf life of the makeup setting spray.
  • If you feel your skin to be too dry then add in few drops of argan oil for a dewy glow that will last all day long.
  • To add fragrance add in a drop or two of lavender or your favorite essential oil to the setting spray.