We often neglect our feet and only care for our hair or facial skin. But don’t forget please feet too need some care as they work hard throughout the whole day. Could you imagine how many steps we are making every day even when we are at home! Everyone is busy in doing hand nail art. What about your toe? So today I am sharing a gorgeous toe nail art tutorial with black glitters!


Things you will need-

  1. I used bright red as my base here. You can use any bright like orange or golden. But remember, black goes well with gorgeous reds, oranges, golds. Avoid pale colors for this nail art.
  2. For black glitterati, I have used Maybelline glitter mania starry nights. Maybelline gives us too many color options to play with their nail paints! Isn’t it?
  3. Again a makeup sponge. I am kinda addicted to this technique this days as sponge gives you better hold and forget about glue and dust glitters. Those are very old stories now.
  4. Optional- a transparent top coat. I didn’t use here a top coat as it may reduce the intensity of the glow of the glitters.



  1. Apply the base color on the nails. Here I have painted one nail with only black glitters. You can do this or you can keep all the nails similar. That’s your choice!
  1. Once the base color gets dried, take some black glitter paint on the makeup sponge. Spread the paint to make a thin layer of black glitters.
  1. Start to dab the sponge on the nails. Here I have started from the bottom and up to the middle of the nails making a gradient.
  1. Don’t dab the sponge twice on a same place especially on the middle portion of the nails where you are trying to make a gradient.
  1. Complete all the nails in similar process and after drying, apply a clear top coat on the nails.

I just loved the effect and for your information I want to let you know that I have got so many compliments after doing this toe nail art. And when the first compliment comes from your father, it really makes your day! Isn’t it?