Detoxifying facial Clay Mask for glowing skin

Clay masks have stood the test of time. When it comes to skin care, the importance of clay can never be ignored. Are you looking forward to making some of the easiest clay masks at home? This is a must read article if you want to know about the variety of clay that can be put to use and how effective the clay masks are.

Detoxifying facial Clay Mask for glowing skinTypes of clay to be used in masks

Kaolin Clay- Generally, the white clay is referred to as the Kaolin clay. But this kind of clay is also available in pink, red and yellow colors. Kaolin clay is known to cleanse and exfoliate the skin while restoring circulation. White clay is very mild and gentle on the skin. It contains Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium.

Moroccan Clay: It is a strong variety of clay and works wonders for oily skin because it can absorb excess oil effectively.

Bentonite Clay: This clay, also known as ‘Montmorillonite’, is extensively used in detox masks as well as for supplying your skin with essential minerals. It is a rich storehouse of magnesium. It is known to be suitable for sensitive skin. If you are an oily skinned beauty, don’t forget to try it out for a pampering clay mask skincare session!

French Pink Clay: A mixture of red clay and white clay, the French pink clay is infused with soothing properties. It is also good for sensitive skin because it is very mild.

French Green Clay: Green clay is very strong and is best suited for you if your skin is extremely oily. It contains a lot of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Copper, Phosphorus and Silicon which are beneficial for your skin. You may like to use green clay in homemade anti-acne face masks.

Sea Clay: This clay is dark grayish green in color. It has mild exfoliating properties and works wonderfully well in detox masks and body wrap treatments.

Fuller’s Earth: This kind of clay is widely available and is extensively used in homemade clay masks. It contains Iron Oxides, Magnesia and Lime. It has wonderful cleansing properties. It can draw impurities out of the pores on your skin and give you squeaky clean skin.

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Top Three Clay Face Mask Recipes

  • Fuller’s Earth Mask (for oily skin): Mix Fuller’s earth-1 tablespoon, honey- 1 tablespoon, rose water- 1 tablespoons and tea tree essential oil- 3 drops. Apply the paste on clean skin and let it dry. Wash off. This mask is great for acne-prone oily skin.
  • Soothing Green Clay Dry Mask: Mix French Green Clay-2 tablespoons, Sea Clay-2 tablespoons, ground peppermint-1 tablespoon, nettle-1 tablespoon, milk powder-2 tablespoons and green tea powder- 2 tablespoons. This is a dry mask that works great for oily skin, especially if you want to do away with blackheads and soothe irritated skin. Store the mixture in an air-tight container. Each time you use the mask, add herbal tea or aloe vera juice to 2 tablespoons of the dry herbal clay mask to make a paste. Apply on face and wait for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Revitalizing Pink Clay Mask: Mix Pink Clay- 1 tablespoon, orange essential oil- 2 drops and rose water- 2 tablespoons to make a smooth paste. Apply on dull looking skin to revitalize it in no time.

Actually, it is fun to experiment with clay masks. Choose the clay type based on your beauty needs. Be creative and add ingredients to your face mask based on what you expect the mask to do for you. Rose water, sandalwood powder, yoghurt, essential oils, herbal tea and fruit juices act as nice add-on to nourish the skin. Use clay masks once in a week to get clean and revitalized skin, naturally!