Common Blow Dryer Mistakes To Be Avoided

We all love trying different hairstyles and adorning ourselves with different looks. After all, a good hairstyle adds to your overall personality. A blow dryer is the first hair styling instrument that comes handy while trying for different looks. It is a time saver and helps us to be more presentable.

Common Blow Dryer Mistakes To Be AvoidedIf you are running short of time and have important meeting or occasion to attend to, a blow dryer can be your best buddy. We are so engrossed in using this tool, such that we neglect even the basic rules that apply to the blow dryer. Here are the Common Blow Dryer Mistakes To Be Avoided:

Parting your hair in portions: Never try to blow dry your hair at a single go. Divide your hair into portions irrespective of the texture. Use a clip to hold the rest of the hair when you are dealing with a specific segment of the hair. if you do not follow this rule, chances are there that you might damage your hair due to the excess heat. A huge chunk of hair cannot be dealt at a single time. Thus, blow dry it in portions. Parting will also ensure that the hair doesn’t mess up.

The brush handling method: This is the common mistake that people do while blow drying their hair. A good brush must be selected depending upon the hair length and texture. Choose a brush that has wider space between the tooth so that it will sort out the tangles easily. Avoid huge metal brushes as they will damage your hair in long run. The brush should always be in a vertical position and the dryer to be handled in horizontal position. This will give a natural lift to your hair rather than making it flat. Never blow your hair from the back. A front blow must be adopted while using a blow dryer.

Dry vs wet hair: A blow dryer needn’t necessarily mean that it must be used  on wet hair to dry them. There are high possibilities of hair breakage when they are wet. Use a towel to dry your hair before using the blow dryer. This will disallow the hair to stretch at the time of blow drying. It is also advisable not to comb the wet hair.

Temperature setting: The temperature of the blow dryer must always be set. High volumes of heat will definitely damage your healthy hair. Low temperatures must be used for roots and hairline as they are very delicate. The hair ends and tips can be exposed to a little higher temperature compared to the roots. This will maintain the moisture of the hair and prevent it from drying.

The blow dryer movement: Do not be stable with the blow dryer. You need to mobve it from one part of hair to the other. If you keep it a single place, chances of damaging your hair are on the higher side. Blow dry layer by layer. Never hold the dryer too close to your tresses. Keep it few inches away from the tresses, but ensure that the temperature is sufficient enough to give you the desired results.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Do let us know if you had any tips that can save the damage of this electrical product. It is better to minimise the usage of blow dryer as it will harm the hair on a longer. Make the blow dryer as your hair styler but not a hair setter on everyday basis.