COFFEE HAIR SPRAY to darken hair and promote hair growth

We often think of coffee as a drink right? So using coffee for your hair may sound absolutely absurd. Well, let’s just say that coffee can be much more than just a drink!

Yes, coffee is an amazing ingredient that can be used on the hair and can help promote hair growth, increase hair shine, detoxify the scalp and also prevent premature greying of hair. Check out this simple coffee hair spray recipe you can use for your hair!

Coffee Hair Spray for smooth, shiny hair

Benefits of coffee hair spray:

For hair growth: Coffee contains the compound ‘caffeine’ that is known to help promote better blood circulation in the scalp, in turn promoting better hair growth right from the hair follicle.

For hair shine: The compound caffeine in coffee helps to make the hair smoother and shinier because it helps trap and retain moisture in the hair shafts and can also help restore the hair’s natural sheen.

For prevention of premature greying of hair: Using coffee hair sprays can help prevent premature hair greying, as coffee can act as a natural hair darkening agent.

For hair and scalp detoxification: It can help detoxify the scalp by helping to get rid of product buildup and make it a healthy environment for the hair follicles to grow. It helps keep the scalp and hair well-nourished.

How make this coffee hair spray at home?


2 tbsp coffee grounds/powder

2 cups water


Into a heating pot, add in the water and coffee powder and let it come to a boil. Then, lower the flame and let it simmer for 2 to 4 minutes before turning off the flame. Lastly, let it cool down completely. Strain out the coffee grounds or powder remnants using a muslin cloth. The coffee is then ready to use for the hair.

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How to use it for your hair:

Partition your hair and spritz this coffee hair spray all over your scalp and hair evenly. Then gently massage it in using your fingertips and tie your hair into a loose bun or into a shower cap for around 10 to 20 minutes, before rinsing off thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Then, use a mild conditioner to finish off.

Note: If you have used the coffee without straining out the coffee grounds or coffee powder remnants, then make sure to get the remnants out of your hair completely before shampooing it. For this, you can rinse your hair thoroughly under running water for a few minutes.

Caution: Coffee may cause staining to lighter coloured hair if kept on the hair for too long.

Coffee Grounds or Instant Coffee: Which one is better to use?

It is important to note that even though coffee grounds can often be mistaken with instant coffee, it isn’t the same thing. Instant coffee is coffee power that has already been brewed and is ready to make and drink.

Coffee grounds are the bits or remnants of the coffee that you have brewed. It is the remaining bits of the ground coffee beans which you use to brew your coffee.

Therefore, using coffee grounds can be more useful, effective and beneficial as compared using instant coffee.