Coconut Sugar

Indians have sweet tooth and we cannot resist from it. Be it festivals or celebrations, sweets will definitely find its place. These sweets are made of artificial sweeteners or sugar powder which is not recommended for health. They are caloric in nature and have high levels of carbohydrates. Thus, the ultimate solution to this is to switch over to natural sweeteners. Coconut sugar is one such natural sweetener which is nutritious and  is lower on glycemic index when compared to normal sugar. The glycemic index  measures the effects of carbohydrates in the blood sugar. The normal sugar has a rank of 60-70  whereas coconut sugar ranks at 35. It is also known as coconut palm sugar but is slightly different from the palm sugar.

Coconut Sugar

Process: It is made from sap which is the liquid that the coconut plant oozes out. A cut is made to the  flower of the coconut plant and the entire liquid is then collected in a container. The liquid is then set to boil till the water is completely evaporated. The refined coconut sugar is ready.

Benefits: Contains Nutrients and Minerals: We eat to survive and choose food items than can provide us the necessary mineral and vitamins. There are products that can give you a taste but not nutrition. It is always better to listen to your body rather than just sticking to your taste buds.The coconut sugar contains more nutrients and minerals when compared to the normal granulated sugar. The normal sugar has high level of fructose whereas coconut sugar contains potassium, zinc, calcium, polyphenols, fatty acids and antioxidants that are beneficial to health. Do add it to your diet on a regular basis.

Low Glycemic index: We need carbohydrates, but to a certain level. Anything above the minimal level will harm the body. The carbohydrate directly affects our sugar level in the blood. It is always better to have a check on it.The coconut sugar has a fiber called Inulin which slows down the glucose absorption and which is a major cause for it to have a lower rank in glycemic index. The normal sugar ranks 70 in the glycemic index which raises your blood pressure and ultimately leads to health issues. A significant raise in your blood pressure can also lead to death.

Less Fructose: Fructose is the form of sugar that the body converts it to fat. The liver has the liberty to break down this fructose to fat cells, which will lead to health related issues. The coconut sugar contains 45 percent fructose which is very low when compared to the normal sugar.

Nature Friendly: It is the most sustainable natural sweetener according to “The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.” It is easy to cultivate and requires less water and fuel compared to others. It is free of chemicals and doesn’t possess any side-effects.

Thus, coconut sugar is always a better substitute for normal white sugar which has many side-effects. I agree we cannot refrain ourselves from sugar, however, we can switch to organic natural sugar. These organic natural sugar will keep you balanced if you consume it in a limit. They do can affect your health if you cross your consumption limit. You can also consult your dietician or a naturopath to give you better understanding of the consumption limit as different bodies have different requirements.

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