Brighten up Dull Skin naturally


Fix dull skin with these quick and simple tips to brighten the skin instantly.

Brighten up Dull Skin naturally


Exfoliate your skin regularly to dispose of the flaky cells that dull your glow. A scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave your complexion looking much fresher and glowing. Cut a lemon in half and use it all over the face for 5mins and rinse off to enhance the complexion.


A simple natural moisturizer to try is coconut oil. Just a drop of oil will hydrated and smooth the skin for a healthy glow.

Ice :

Splash cold water or rub an ice cube all over the face to improve circulation and tighten the skin, making your skin appear brighter instantly.


Use oil to lighten and brighten the skin, try to massage a small amount on the face. Pat a drop of argan oil for a night cream before you go to bed, to wake up with baby soft skin.


Honey mixed with coffee can be very effective for cleansing the pores, exfoliating the skin and for making your skin soft. Mix equal amounts of honey and coffee, massage your face with the mixture. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water to brighten and rejuvenate skin. Read More: Get baby soft skin with natural treatments >>


Never forget pure water is the healthiest drink known to us for healthy skin and body. Flavor your water with lemons, limes, berries or mint if you don’t like drinking it plain.