BEST MOISTURISER AVAILABLE IN INDIA FOR OILY ACNE PRONE SKINIt is very difficult to choose a good moisturiser for oily acne prone skin. Some are heavy where some are not sufficient to balance the moisture of the skin. Sometimes wrong moisturizers tend to make our skin dehydrated and sometimes lead to production of acne and spots. So here I am listing some good and effective moisturisers suitable for oily acne prone skin.

Neutrogena oil free moisture for combination skin- (price- 299 INR for 118 ml)

I know now almost everyone knows about it but I can’t even imagine to start a list without it. I have used it and currently using too. It doesn’t clog pores, it is alcohol free, allergy tasted and fragrance free so very suitable for oily as well as dehydrated sensitive skins. It never broke me and keeps my skin soft and supple throughout the year. It doesn’t feel heavy in summers too. It is budget friendly and needs a really small amount so lasts a long time.

Jovees aloe vera moisturising lotion- (price- 165 INR for 100 ml)

A very affordable daily moisturiser from Jovees which is specially formulated for oily acne prone and sensitive skin. Aloevera soothes skin and keeps the skin hydrated without any heavy or greasy feeling. The texture is very light and it gets easily absorbed by the skin.

Just herbs no sun moisturising sun protection gel (normal to oily skin)- (price- 350 INR for 100 ml)

It has got excellent ingredients for oily skin like aloe vera extracts, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, green tea extracts etc. and it also comes with mild sun protection. If you are stepping out for short durations you can easily use this instead of heavy sunscreens. It doesn’t feel sticky like most of the sunscreens so good for oily skin. Light texture helps to get absorbed quickly and there is no need to apply moisturiser as it is a dual action product.

Proactiv green tea moisturiser- (price- 950 INR for 30 ml)

Proactiv is a well-known brand which makes quality products to cure acne and pimples. They are good for maintaining oily skin too. Now Proactiv is easily available in India through online and they are specially formulated for sensitive acne prone skin. They not only cures acne, also reduces spots or redness caused by acne.

The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing lotion- (price- 995 INR for 50 ml)

The body shop tea tree range is one of the best sellers from them. This lotion not only helps to protect skin from bacterial infections, but also helps to fade blemishes. Tea tree cleanses blemishes and also cures acne prone skin. A product prom TBS doesn’t need too clarification so you can try it easily.

Forest Essentials light hydrating facial gel pure aloe vera- (price- 1175 INR for 50 ml)

This face gel from Forest Essentials doesn’t contain any synthetic polymers. It is 100% natural and made from pure organic ingredients. Aloe vera helps to hydrate the skin without leaving any oily residue. FE products are luxurious and this gel is not stickey so wouldn’t cause stickiness to your skin.

Lotus herbals whiteglow lightening and brightening gel cream- (price- 260 INR for 50g)

Lotus Herbals whiteglow range is quite popular and I don’t remember how many bottles of alpha hydroxyl moisturiser from Lotus I have used. It is a boon for oily skin but their white glow gel cream is also very good for oily skin. It didn’t break me out and provided enough moisturiser making the skin soft. The texture is fluffy and light and suitable for all skin types.