BEST FACIAL OILS AVAILABLE IN INDIAWell, we are sceptical about using an oil on our face! But oils can really do wonder for your skins. The added plus point is oil doesn’t need any harmful (or harmless?) chemicals which other moisturisers need during production. Also a tiny amount of oils is required to use once. So though they seem pricey, they last for a long time. so here I am listing some best facial oils available in India.

Kama Ayurveda kumkumadi miraculous beauty fluid- (price- 1890 INR for 12 ml!)

They started selling this at a price of 850 or something like that and now it costs 1890 for 12 ml of oil. Kumkumadi is known as one of the precious oil in Ayurveda and is made from so many rare herbs and its main ingredient is saffron. This oil really does miracle to skin. It even reduces dark circles along with blemishes, sun tan and imparts an illuminating glow to your face. Full review of the oil >>

The Body Shop vitamin E facial oil- (price- 1395 INR for 15 ml)

TBS vitamin E range is quite popular and this range contains a facial oil too. It prepares the skin for applying moisturiser and gets absorbed very quickly providing the skin a silky effect. This is non comedogenic so oily skin people can use this too but in a less amount than dry skin. It helps to get rid of sun tan, fine lines, premature wrinkles with regular use.

Clarins lotus face treatment oil- (2150 INR for 30 ml)

This is one of the best facial oils available in Indian market. It is specially formulated for oily acne prone skin so you can use it without any second thought. It also comes with 30 ml which is much more than other facial oil’s quantity. It makes face less oily and also reduces acne scars. Hazelnut, rosemary, geranium etc. amazing ingredients make it divine.

Aroma Magic fairy oil- (price- 220 INR for 15 ml)

Those who want to try a budget friendly facial oil just to give a try I will suggest them to buy this one. This is budget friendly yet effective facial oil which is available anywhere in India too. It is suitable for oily skin too and doesn’t cause break out. It brightens the skin but doesn’t clear out tans.

Kama Ayurveda nalpamardi thailam skin brightening treatment- (price- 475 INR for 100 ml)

Again from Kama Ayurveda but this time it’s a really budget friendly option! It is obviously not effective like kumklumadi thailam but regular uses make difference in skin texture. It contains Indian madder, gooseberry, turmeric etc. and effectively removes tan, dullness from skin. Bride to be can use this as pre bridal treatment. Full review of the oil >>