Mustard oil is a vegetable oil extracted from mustard seeds as the name says. It’s edible oil and thus it’s being used in Indian kitchen for cooking since ages. It not only adds delicious flavor in food but it also helps in beautifying skin and hair in various ways. Mustard oil is very beneficial and that is why it is used on infants for massaging their whole body and it’s also used on bride and groom before the D-day for glowing skin. Let’s know in detail the amazing hair and skin benefits of “Mustard Oil”.

BENEFITS OF MUSTARD OILIt Prevents Bacteria: Mustard oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature therefore it restricts bacteria growth and prevents skin infections when applied on body. It also helps in treating rashes, infections, fungal growth and heals the skin if is infected already. Massaging mustard oil all over the body before taking bath will ensure that your skin is bacteria free and will also prevent itching. With regular usage it will also add natural glow to your body. Doesn’t matter what your skin type is, you can massage your body with mustard oil for hydration and other benefits. When applied on wounds it helps in healing them faster.

Smooth Lips: A very old remedy says that “applying few drops of mustard oil on belly button before going to sleep is beneficial for lips”. I have been hearing it many a times from my mother and grand-mother and trust me it is one of the cheapest ways to get petal like lips. It heels chapped, dry; bleeding lips within few hours and you’ll wake up with smooth soft lips. Well don’t ask the logic behind this remedy because we are as clueless as you are. DIY home remedies for smooth lips >>

Treat Scalp Problems: Dandruff? Itching? Baldness? Pre-mature-graying? Hair fall? All scalp problems can be treated naturally with the help of mustard oil. Yes, this oil can treat almost every scalp related problem; all you need is a bowl of warm mustard oil and massage your scalp with it. It contains vitamins, minerals and high amount of beta-carotene which fulfills the scalp needs. Massaging also increases blood circulation which helps in hair growth too. Mustard oil for scalp massaging is the first choice in India because of its various hair-benefits.

Healthy Teeth: who doesn’t want healthy and whiter teeth? But now you don’t need to spend money on various products that claim to keep your teeth and gums stronger because “mustard oil” is considered as one of the best natural ingredient for brushing. One tablespoon of warm mustard oil and pinch of salt is all you need. Massage this mixture on your teeth, gums and even on tongue for 1-2 minutes. Keep spitting the saliva and then rinse with warm water. Mustard oil will strengthen your gums, relieve tooth pain, prevent mouth-odor and will whiten your teeth naturally. Best natural remedies for oral health >>

It Improves Complexion: Mustard oil is used on infants and brides-to-be in India because it improves skin complexion when massaged on skin. Initially it can make your skin appear a little dark but as you soon as you’ll rinse it you will see nourished and hydrated skin. If you have tanned skin or have dark spots then concentrate more on them because it not only improves complexion but also reduces spots and blemishes. Mustard oil also contains vitamin E thus it is believed that it’s a very good sunscreen too and protects the skin from harmful sun-rays.