Beauty and Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You don’t need a reason to eat chocolates, right? But what if I give you tons of reasons? Yes, eating dark chocolate has many beauty as well as health benefits. Isn’t it amazing? Here are few benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Softer Skin: Eating dark chocolate regularly can give you smooth and supple skin as dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants. For skin, it’s even better than green tea. It also claims to improve complexion when used regularly.

Brain Booster: Dark chocolate increases blood flow from heart to brain thus it acts as an excellent brain booster. Eating dark chocolate improves our memory performance and verbal fluency.

Shiny Hair: Dull and lifeless hair is your biggest problem? Don’t worry eat delicious dark chocolate as add shine to your strands. You can also use dark chocolate hair mask for additional benefits. Melt dark chocolate, add one tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. of yoghurt and apply it on your strands evenly. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash off.

Promotes hair Growth: Eating dark chocolate daily increases oxygen and blood flow to the scalp. Better blood flow leads to stronger and healthier hair which eventually makes hair grow faster. Isn’t it a delicious way to promote hair growth?

Get Rid of Aging Signs: Dark chocolate contains cocoa which reduces stress hormones which eventually helps in preventing wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. Stress is the main cause of aging so it’s better to stay free and happy.

Controls Blood sugar level: I know it may sound surprising but eating dark chocolate can actually help your body to balance blood sugar levels. Dark chocolate is already enriched with sugar but it doesn’t affect our body because of the low glycemic index. You can eat dark chocolate if you are diabetic patient.

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Better Vision: Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate daily can improve your vision as it contains flavonoids. So, eat dark chocolate for better visual performance.

Cholesterol: Studies show that dark chocolate reduces bad cholesterol when consumed daily. Reducing bad cholesterol allows your veins and arteries to function properly.

Weight Loss: Eating dark chocolate regularly lessens cravings for sweets, salts and other fatty foods which eventually helps you in weight loss. So, eating dark chocolate before a meal will make you eat a smaller portion which is a good news. So, start eating dark chocolate before very meal to lessen your hunger.

UV Protection: Studies have shown that flavonoids in dark chocolate protects our body from the harmful UV rays. So, sun-proof your skin by eating dark chocolate as it acts like mild sunscreen.