Beauty benefits of Chia seeds

Chia seeds are one among those foods, which is popularly talked worldwide. There are been various buzz around including the fact of Chia seeds been extremely beneficial for health and body. Even if you are familiar with this seed, you might have missed something about this.

Beauty benefits of Chia seedsChia seeds are great ingredients to be included in beauty regime too. Yes, along with various health benefits Chia seeds are extremely beneficial over face. Right from treating inflammation over skin up to diminishing the wrinkles on face, it helps to give quick results over skin. Here we mention you some of the beauty benefits of Chia seeds.

  1. Reduces wrinkles

Chia seeds are extremely rich in Vitamin E which helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. There are many beauty products that include Vitamin E oil to reduce the wrinkles and reverse the ageing signs on face. Chia is extremely rich in Vitamin E and can be easily absorbed by the body too.

  1. Treats Brittle nails

Chia seeds are enriched with anti oxidants and omega 3 fats which help to promote healthy skin and nails too. For those who have brittle nails, Chia seeds can help to make them stronger and healthy too.

  1. Promotes smooth skin

Chia seeds promote smooth skin because it is enriched with omega 3 fatty acid and also anti oxidants, which helps to fight against the free radicals and gives you a healthy and smooth skin. Researchers have observed 4 ounces of salmon is equal to 2 ounces of Chia seeds.  It helps to maintain the hormonal balance in the body, which is extremely essential to smooth skin.

  1. They support hydration

Chia seeds not only support hydration in the body, but also keeps you skin well hydrated. A well hydrated skin cans always look nourished and moisturized too. Chia seeds are a hydrophilic colloid so when they’re exposed to liquid they form a gel like substance that forms the underlying elements of living cells. Because of this, the water retains under the epidermis and keeps the skin hydrated always. Chia seeds are extremely beneficial for people with dry skin.

  1. Treats irritated skin

Chia seeds have high anti inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the joint pains. Using Chia serum with your moisturizer can also help to treat red and irritated skin. The anti inflammatory properties in Chia seeds can lend a hand to get rid of itching and inflammation.

  1. Cleansing agent

Chia seeds are an excellent cleansing agent due to anti oxidants and omega 3 fats present in it. It helps to absorb the vital vitamins and minerals essential for the body and stores them. It regularly provides proper hydration to the skin which helps to remove the toxin substance from skin and body too.