AMAZING USES FOR HAND SANITIZERSSanitizer is a gel like form, which is made out of alcohol in order to kill germs and bacteria on the hands. Sanitizers were actually made at those times and places, where soap and hand washes were not available. However, now it is sanitizers everywhere, which ensures us to be germ free. The alcohol in the sanitizer is much effective in killing the bacteria and germ on the face and leaves you germ free. Besides, washing hands here are few more uses of sanitizers in daily life.

Used as a nail paint remover: Sanitizers are rich in alcohol which helps to remove the nail paint effectively. This is the best way to remove the nail paint when you are actually running out of nail remover. It is always advised; if you want to maintain your manicure for longer period of time, do not use sanitizer, this is because they tend to pull out the nail colour.

Use to clean Mirrors: Yes, Sanitizers can be used to clean the mirror and make the mirror look stainless. You just need to put few drops of sanitizer on mirror and try to lather it. Although, Sanitizers do not lather much like foam or soap, but add few drops of water and rub it all over the mirror. Sanitizers can be used to leave the mirror look clean and germ free.

Clean Mobile screens: So, have you heard about, using mobile can be injurious to health as well as skin? Sanitizers can help you in many ways here. The germs accumulated on the mobile screen, tends to ruin the skin and also make you look old day after day. Not only it cleans and smudges away the oil accumulated on the skin, but also disinfects it.

Stain Remover: Mostly you get stains of ink or marker pens on your dress. And you think this is probably the last day of your favourite dress. But here you lack in the fact that, sanitizers can help to rid away the marks soon. Rubbing few drops of sanitizer on the ink or marker stains helps to remove them immediately and effectively. Makes sure you don’t add water before using the sanitizer. (only the gel also work)

Hair Gel: Using sanitizer as a hair gel is one of the alternative ways to fix your hair. No one would like to smell like chemical hair, so you can spray some perfume over it. Just popping your hair with sanitizer will help to form the shape like you wanted too. The common use of hair gel is spikes, which you can get through sanitizer’s too.

Treats Pimple: One of the weird uses of sanitizes right? But a pimple is an outcome of germs and dirt accumulated over face. It can also happen due to clogged pores. Applying sanitizer on the pimple with the help of cotton swab will help to kill the germs on the face and also treat pimple effectively.

Sunglass Cleaner: For no reasons, Sunglasses gets attacked by germs and bacteria and also gets foggy. Stains on them are not new to any one of us. This every time happens, a sunglass kept untouched for few day, can be worst for your eye as this can be one of the breeding ground of bacteria. Sanitizer helps to clean the sunglasses well and also disinfects them.

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