Natural makeup removal routine – Clean, Clear and Healthy Skin

It is very important to cleanse the skin and remove makeup before going to bed for a healthy skin. Leaving makeup on overnight will lead to breakouts caused by clogged pores and excess oil. 

Natural makeup removal routine - Clean, Clear and Healthy Skin

It is important to remove your makeup correctly and also treat your skin to avoid any damage to your skin. Even after using a cleanser or a makeup remover you may not be doing it right by removing all the makeup off. So here are few tips to help you do it right:

Use a cleanser according to your skin type for a perfect cleanup or use milk cream to cleanse your skin naturally.
Don’t use soap, it can dehydrate skin instead use a mild baby wash or naturally makeup removers to wash off the makeup. 7 NATURAL MAKEUP REMOVERS >>
Cold cream can remove all traces of makeup and dirt while moisturizing and softening your skin.

To remove waterproof eye makeup, dab a small amount of warm coconut or olive oil on a cotton pad or dip the cotton pads in some warm water and hold it on your eyes for few secs to absorb all the makeup and then gently swipe downwards to remove any makeup from the eyelashes and eyelids. Use a cotton swab or q tip to remove any makeup from the inner corner or waterline.

Use a small amount of oil on your lips and massage it in for few mins to not only remove the long lasting lip color but also moisturizer the lips.

After Makeup Care - Clean, Clear and Healthy SkinUse a soft wash cloth to clean the pores. Wet the wash cloth and add few drops of honey or lemon juice and use small circular motion to clear the pores. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

**QUICK TIP**: use a exfoliating mask once a week to remove any product build up and deep clean pores by using baking soda and honey.


For dry skin add a drop of olive oil and massage it into your skin or use a rose facial mist to keep your skin hydrated all night long. Apply honey to keep your lips soft and smooth. Use a drop of castor oil to nourish and condition your eyebrows and eyelashes.

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