8 Innovative Ways to Use Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foils are a very handy product. It is retractable, versatile and easy to use. It has multiple uses to its credit, some being to clean, protect, lift, scrub, polish etc., We will get to know more about it as we proceed into the post. Usually we use an aluminium foil to wrap food and cook but you will be amazed to know that this simple looking foil has many more uses than one can imagine. Let us get to know them now:

8 Innovative Ways to Use Aluminium Foil

1. Decorate cakes: So you have run out of pastry bags? No issues just take a piece of heavy-duty aluminium foil and make a tube of it and then fill it up with free-flowing frosting.

2. Polish silverware: Your silverwares wear out of their shine with time, but you do not have to worry much, just take a pan with a sheet of aluminium foil and then fill it up with cold water. Add 2 teaspoons of salt. Put your tarnished silverware in this solution and allow it to sit in it for 3 minutes and then rinse it off and dry it.

3. Scrub the pots: In case you want to clean your pots and have run out of a scrub pad, don’t worry. All you need is an aluminium foil. Just crumple some aluminium foil and use it as a scrub to clean your pots.

4. To keep the oven clean: When you cook something like a lasagne, it is but natural to mess up your oven but aluminium foil can help you out in such situations. Just layer a sheet or two of aluminium foil over the rack below. Make sure you are not lining the bottom of the oven with a foil as that can cause fire.

5. Stop the ice cream cone drips: Kids do tend to make everything messy while having an ice-cream specially cone ice-cream. Next time just wrap the bottom of the ice-cream cone with a piece of aluminium foil before you give it to them.

6. Lift pressure cookers: Cooking with pressure cooker is tricky, especially if you are lifting and placing bowls into and out of it can result in danger. Aluminium foil helps to lift the apparatus and safely raises the contents in the cooker. Take a piece of aluminium foil which is essentially the size of the bowl and also extra eight inches. Make it into a sling sort with handles and place your bowl into the cooker with this new lifter. Fold the handles and keep inside the cooker before you put the lid.

7. Get the rust off: Crumple few pieces of aluminium foil and rub the rust spots present in the shower-curtain rods or car bumpers or wherever you want. The rust will vanish.
8. Move the furniture: Now you can move your furniture with ease! All you need to do is place big pieces of aluminium foil on the floor under the legs of the furniture. Note that, you need to put the dull side of the foil down as that is more slippery than the other side.