There are high chances that you can still smell the fragrance from your fabrics the next day if you have used a perfume last time. Some perfumes are very dark and rigid on fabric; they do not get easily off your cloths. Especially woollen and cotton cloths do not leave the fragrances soon. I have many friends who try various remedies to make the perfume stay longer on their cloths, but once you come back home the fragrance is not desired anymore and you try to get rid of the fragrance from your cloths, skin and the air. Here are some solutions that will help you to remove the fragrances effectively from cloths.


  1. Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners and dryer sheet odours are the first way to remove the odour. It doesn’t remove the fragrances completely, but is a primary way to remove. If your dress wears a mild fragrances of perfume, you can use fabric softens and dryer sheets.

  1. Hanging cloths in air.

This is the most natural way to remove the fragrance. When you hang the cloths in the air, fragrance is carried away by breeze that is blown around and the sunlight, trees, and the plants (greenery) around helps to soak the fragrances from your cloth.

  1. Washing

Washing is the next remedy to be used; you can also wash your cloths in water and add little of vinegar in it (1 cup approx.) After you have washed cloths in vinegar added water, you can wash them separately again in fresh distilled water. Hang your cloths open in air.

  1. Soaking

If you have those heavy embroidered dresses and you fear to wash them or put them in machine driers, you can soak you dress in water and add a cup of baking soda in it. Baking soda helps to remove the perfume from your dresses. Overnight soaking is enough for an excellent result.

  1. Vodka

You can take some Vanilla vodka and rub it on you the concentrated area of cloth. Rub it lightly against the cloth and this will remove the smell. This is also an effective remedy if you have any perfume stains on your dresses; rubbing vanilla against the cloth will also remove the yellow stains. Do not rub it vigorously.

  1. Wash Wash and Wash

If you don’t want to follow any of the above mentioned tips and procedures, you can simply wash the cloth in water. You can simply repeat the washing procedure again and again and leave the cloths hanging in air.

Hope you guys found the post useful and would take the tips into consideration for the next time when you want to remove the perfume effectively from your closes. These are very simply tricks and tips which can be done at home to remove the fragrance.