Cutting bangs is no more a big deal. 5 simple steps will make you an expert in trimming your bangs. You will no longer need to run to your hair stylist just because your bangs have grown. Surprised?

Well, Here is how you can do it yourself. Before you cut your bangs, there are a few things you have to take care of, to protect your hair and avoid any sort of damage. Make sure you have shampooed your hair the previous day because it is important that your hair remains dry when it is supposed to be cut.


5 Steps to cut your bangs:

  • Make a ponytail: Tie your hair to a pony tail leaving the bangs isolated to help better trimming.
  • Arm yourself with the right tools: This is really important as dirty scissors or a not so sharp scissors can ruin any haircut and ain’t nobody taking a risk with the bangs, right? So a new scissor would be great and also make sure those scissors are used only to cut hair in future too. Next make sure you are sitting in front of a mirror and in a area that is brightly lit.
  • Don’t wet your hair: You might have seen that they wet your hair in salon before cutting but while cutting bangs on your own avoid that as wet hair is longer than dry hair, so to avoid mistakes it is better you cut it while it is dry.
  • Part your hair right: If you have a side bangs then part it to the side that it naturally falls on. Similarly if you have a middle parting then part it in the middle.
  • Cut it: Thumb rule while cutting your bangs at home is to never cut it straight across. Hold the bangs straight down in front of your face and check if they are even. Hold the scissors with ends pointing upwards and cut the bangs starting from centre and going outwards straight. Cutting vertically instead of cutting horizontally reduces the chance of an uneven hairline. Always cut bangs in half inch sections so that you do not cut more than you intend. Once you finish cutting the bangs, check for any uneven ends and fix it by trimming it well.

For curly hair: It is better you wet your hair as it will be easy to work on your hair. Also make sure after every time you snip your hair crunch it and bounce it so that you do not snip off more than you want.

Once you have cut your bangs, comb your hair and set it and check if it is falling perfectly. Once you are done, you can sweep of the tiny hair that must have fallen on your face with the help of a fluffy makeup brush. That’s it! Now isn’t that a very simple way to cut your own bangs at home?