There are so many essential oils available in the market and that can make it super hard for people to choose the best one for hair growth. If you are one of those people who are finding it hard to make the right choice, then just check out this article for all the information you need!

This simple essential oil overnight hair growth spray contains two of the most powerful essential oils for the hair, so go ahead and check it out below.

Olive oil Hair Spray

What are the benefits of using this essential oil hair growth spray?

This recipe has just four simple ingredients, but all these ingredients are super powerful for the hair, not just for hair growth, but also to improve hair health in general.

Here are their benefits:

Rose water:

Rose water can nourish the scalp and promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and accelerating the hair growth phase as rose petals contain phytonutrients. It can help reduce hair dryness and hair frizz as it acts as a natural hair moisturizer and makes the hair more manageable and gives the hair a better shine.

Rose water can be beneficial to people with greasy/oily hair as it can help reduce the oiliness of the scalp and hair. It can also help reduce dandruff ad treat certain scalp conditions as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Black seed oil:

Black seed oil is rich in nutrients which can help provide nourishment to the hair follicles in turn restoring hair growth. Black seed oil contains omega-3s which helps in increasing the blood circulation in the scalp in turn promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.

Black seed oil can help regulate any imbalances in the hair growth cycle and activate the hair follicles to promote proper hair growth. It also helps to nourish the hair and can promote hair lustre and shine, with an increase in hair volume. Black seed oil also has linoleic acid which can help prevent premature greying of hair, as the linoleic acid helps prevent the depletion of the pigment cells in the hair follicles.

Peppermint essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil can help stimulate the hair follicles towards hair growth, as it has properties of easy penetration not just into the hair follicles on the scalp, but can also get deep into the hair shaft and nourish the hair strands from within. This can help promote better hair strength and reduce hair fall due to hair breakage.

It has properties of anti-inflammation and along with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, it can help reduce and prevent scalp infections like dandruff and can also soothe scalp itching.

Rosemary essential oil:

Rosemary helps promote hair growth by healing the damaged hair follicles. When our nerve endings are damaged, hair cannot grow. But with the compound carnosic acid, rosemary essential oil can help heal damaged nerve endings and tissues.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help prevent and treat scalp conditions and reduce hair fall. It could also help stimulate rejuvenation of hair follicles and cause the hair to regrow.

How do I make this essential oil hair growth spray at home?


Rose water – 1/4 cup

Black seed oil – 1 tbsp

Peppermint essential oil – 2-3 drops

Rosemary essential oil – 5-6 drops


Into a spray bottle, add in the rose water, the black seed oil, peppermint essential oil and rosemary essential oil. Screw on the lid and shake this well each time before use.

To use:

Spray this randomly over your scalp and hair before you sleep. Gently massage it in for 3 to 4 minutes and then leave it on overnight while you sleep.

The next morning rinse it off well, shampoo and condition thereafter.

You can use this essential oil hair growth spray twice a week for the best results.