Amazing Beauty Hacks You Can Do With a Toothbrush

There are many beauty and health myths in our minds, and there stays a myth about toothbrush too, it says it can only be used to clean your teeth. Is it really that a tooth brush can only be used to brighten your yellow teeth’s and cannot be put to any other uses? If you are under this myth, let me knock your head and wakeup you up to read my post. There are many other alternative uses of tooth brush to enhance your beauty and you should know them right now. So let’s check the list and know what are the alternate uses of toothbrush in your beauty world.

Amazing Beauty Hacks You Can Do With a ToothbrushGroom your brows:

Toothbrush can also be used as an eyebrow brush. Why do you want to waste money just buying an eyebrow brush from the market, when your tooth brush can serve you with the same purpose? Apply some Vaseline to your toothbrush and make your eyebrows which look perfect in shape.

For eyelashes:

After you have applied your mascara you can use a tooth brush to give a final touch which enhances the eyelashes and also separates them well. You can also stretch them upwards with the help of a toothbrush which will make your eye look more attractive.

Toothbrush for flyaway:

To tame frizz and flyaway in one minute you just need a toothbrush and hairspray. Spritz the toothbrush with light mist of hairspray and then brush any flyaway back with rest of hair. The bristles of a toothbrush are positioned together so it easily manages and tame flyaway. Use the toothbrush around the part, hairline and above the ears to get a sleek look instantly.


Nail art:

You can show the beauty artist hidden within you. Take a tooth brush and dip it in your favourite nail paint colour. Use it as a spray brush and get the designed texture on your nails. These were practised initially when there were no much nail arts available.

Use to dye:

This is good for your mom who really strives hard to dye her hair black. Do not worry next time if your brush goes missing, you can also use tooth brush to dye your hair. Tooth brush is more comfortable and reliable than those available with the colour bottles.

Use to highlight:

Why do you want to shell out your money when you just want to high light few hair strands of hair? Take some colour chalks and use a tooth brush to highlight the selected strand of your hair. It gives a clean and professional highlighting which you usually expect from saloons.

Clear your cuticles:

Sometimes it gets difficult to clean your cuticles, so the next time you want to clean the inner dirt present in your nail use a tooth brush. Tooth brush removes the dirt easily and also gives you clean nails.

Fix those short hair:

Many times it happens that the short hair keeps irritating your face and also ruins your look. Tooth brush will help you to fix those short irritating hair on your face.

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