Whiten clothes and remove stains naturally

A neat and clean white dress is always admirable and gives a first impression. However, white clothes are prone to dust and dirt, giving it a dull look and losing its brightness. Even a small black dot is obvious on a white cloth. The following are some of the natural ways to bring back the shine and make your white clothes look more whiter as well as remove the stains easily with simple natural remedies.

Whiten clothes and remove stains naturally

Baking Soda: Baking soda, borax, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are the anti-cleansing agents. They add shine to the white clothes retaining their actual colour. Vinegar also helps in softening the clothes. Add half cup of any of these cleansing agents to the bucket of clothes to get the complete white look. To get the whiteness as well as the softness, add half cup of borax with half cup of vinegar to the white loads. The change will be visible.

Lemon slices: Lemon belongs to the family of citrus and is very effective cleansing agent. Take a vessel full of water and allow it to boil. Add several lemon slices to it. Let the water boil to its maximum and then take it off from the stove. Pour the mixture to a tub or bucket and soak the white clothes or delicate clothes. Let the clothes be soaked for few hours. Wash it afterwards as you follow the normal procedure. Dry the clothes in the presence of the sunlight. It will naturally bleach the whites, making it more clear and bright.

Washing Soda: You can also use the washing soda to get the natural colour of the white clothes. Take 1 bucket of lukewarm water and add half cup of washing soda. Stir it and soak the whites in this mixture. Let it be there for 2 hour. Launder your clothes afterwards and dry it in sunlight.

Natural Stain removers that can be found in your kitchen:

Red Wine Stains: The red wine stain on the whites will definitely be unacceptable as it is too loud and gives the projects the blood like look. If you are in a party and such incidents occur, do not panic. Sprinkle some salt over it immediately. The salt will absorb the moisture. After few minutes, scrape it off with soda. The stain is no longer visible.

Ink Stains: It is frequent with school going kids as they tend to accidentally pour the ink on their uniforms. Take some vodka and pour it a mug or small vessel. Drench the whites in it and leave it for few minutes. Wash it naturally afterwards. It’s gone!

The Yellow Armpit stains: The armpit stains are the most common ones and we face these yellow stains in our regular lives. Take four tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water. Mix them together and form a thick paste. Scrub the thick paste on those yellow stains and leave it for few minutes. Launder it as usual and repeat the procedure if you still see the yellow mark on your white clothes.

Rust Stains: Pour some fresh lemon juice on the rust stains. Immediately sprinkle some salt over it and let the mixture be there for the entire night. The chemical reaction of lemon and salt over rust will vanish the stains permanently. Avoid using hot water as it will force the stains to stay permanently. Repeat the same procedure if the stains still exists.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Do try these natural cleansing agents and get your whites back.

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