What is Hair Toner?

Haven’t heard of it? We are so focused on our skin toner that we tend to forget about the hair toner altogether. Our hair equally needs a toner  to neutralize its shade. The harsh chemicals in the form of hair care product leaves our hair untoned and pigmented. These pigmentation leads to a mismatch and thus the discoloration occurs.

The tresses has to be neutralized, hence we need to use the hair toner. If you are one among those, who loves coloring your hair, then do think about applying a hair toner. The hair colors have ammonia in the form of coloring agent, thus it covers up your natural pigment with the desired color of yours. Once the color fades away, the hair must get the natural color to give an even look. Toning will help you to get the natural color of your hair that was the base before coloring the hair.

What is and how to use a Hair Toner?

How to use a hair toner: It is used to neutralize the color of the hair. If you have highlights then do not use the toner on the entire hair.

  • Apply the toner in the area that requires the most.
  • Do not tone the manes that doesn’t require it. You can use a conditioner on the remaining hair  just to make them soft and shiny.
  • Keep the toner for at least 45 minutes or follow the instructions that has been mentioned at the backside of the product. Let the toning process begin.
  • You can wash it off in few minutes if you need a lesser toning. However, keep it for longer time if a strong toning is required and the previous color has left a huge impact on your hair. Do check the toning before rinsing off the hair.
  • Wash a strand of hair and check it in the sunlight. If you are happy with the effects of toning, do rinse off the hair completely. You can keep it for longer time if you still need a lighter color.

How to pick a hair toner: If you have opted for platinum blonde as your hair color, you can choose the Manic panic virgin snow as your temporary toner. Ensure that you bleach your hair before opting for a toner, as it would be difficult for the toner to neutralize the hair.

If you have opted for dark highlights or deep highlights, opt for second nature no lift color. This will get into the roots and neutralize it. It will also tone the dry and damaged hair. It is also helpful in adding shine to the hair, making it more healthy and voluminous

If you have used a permanent color on your tresses, do choose a lightest ash toner. The permanent colors are hard to go, hence bleach your hair before applying a toner.

Hair coloring adores your look for couple of months, however we need to face the reality after that. The ammonia makes your hair dull and dry leading to hairfall couple of times. Do ensure that you used a good hair color brand. Once the color starts fading away, do not opt for another color immediately.

Use a toner to neutralize the hair, allow the hair cuticles to breathe the fresh oxygen and take good care of it before going for next coloring process. Hope this article had been useful to you. Do share your feedback with us or let us know if you have used a hair toner earlier. We recommend you to check with your hairstylist or a professional before opting for a hair toner.