Ways to Remove Hair Colour


Hair coloring is a trend and we tend to do it but these coloring are not permanent and after few months turns the hair worse and dull. Today will share some simple DIY hair color removing technique which will help to get your original hair color. Using this method you can fade off the hair color or recolor your hair again.

Ways to Remove Hair Colour

DIY 1 Vitamin C Tablets : The vitamin C tables are easily available in the medical stores. Crush some vitamin table and prepare a thick paste out of it with few drops of water. Apply the paste on the damped hair and rinse it after and an hour. This procedure will help to remove most of the color from the hair.

DIY 2 Baking soda and Dandruff shampoo: This works very effectively on any colored hair. Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent and dandruff shampoo contains heavy-duty than the normal shampoo. Mix both the ingredients together and wash your hair several times with the prepared solution. This will remove the hair color naturally.

DIY 3 Rinse with Lemon: Squeeze the lemon juice in cup. Take a normal head shower as you take regularly. Now pour the lemon juice to the hair and let it stay for  min on the wet hair. Now apply the toned conditioner and let it stay for some more min. Repeat the procedure since the method is natural and organic. This will remove the color from the hair naturally. Best Hair treatments using lemon >>

DIY 4 Rinse with Vinegar: Vinegar rinse is very simple and easy, have a regular hair wash with soap or alkaline  first and then rinse with vinegar, this will bring a whole lot more color out. Repeat the procedure still the water runs clear. This works great to remove off the hair color.

DIY 5 Hot oil treatment: Oil helps to condition your hair and it strips away the color that you no longer want. Take head shower as you take normally. This will not only removes off the hair color but also protects the hair from getting fizzy and dull as it is an oil treatment method used. Hot oil hair treatment >>