Halloween is all about decorating or carving pumpkins. You will see pumpkins every where during the Halloween, be it a real one or a plastic one. Real pumpkins are mostly used during the Halloween but what exactly have you been doing with leftover pumpkins all these years after the Halloween? Simply tossing them in the dustbin is not a good option. Leftover pumpkins can be utilized in a number of ways. Here are some ways to recycle your Halloween pumpkins:


Pumpkin is good for the skin. It can definitely improve the look of your skin. Instead of throwing away the pumpkins, you can simply use it to make a face mask and a great at-home spa treatment. Simply blend the pumpkin in a blender and add honey and little milk to it. Apply this mask on the face and anywhere on the body and wash it off after 30 minutes.


You can turn the pumpkins into a tastiest soup. Just cut off any part of the pumpkin that you feel has dried up and use the rest to puree in a blender. Blend it up with very little water if needed and keep it aside. In a pan, add 5 cups of chicken stock, some salt, pepper, ginger garlic paste and parsley. Once it starts to bubble, add 4 cups of the pumpkin puree. Give it a good mix and let it cook for sometime. Turn off the flame and add cream on it. You are done.


If you have carved the pumpkin too much, chances are it has already started to decompose due to over exposure to the outside air. Pumpkins are 90% so they decompose quickly. This way, they can be great addition to your compost pile. Simply tear them apart or chop them fine and put over your garden soil. If you do not have a garden or anything to use this as a compost, you can put them in the nearby farms or gardens with due permission from the concerned people/owners.


Pumpkins can definitely be used as animal feed. Many backward animals can eat the pumpkins happily. Simply chop or slice the pumpkins and leave it in the backyard. Animals and birds will eat them as and when they encounter it. You may also donate it to the local cattle or grazing animals. Just make sure that there is no artificial paint, glitter or any other decorations on it.


If you have plastic pumpkins, you can definitely use it as a planter. Simply fill some fertilized soil in it, sow seeds and water. The plants will grow in no time and will look beautiful. You can either hang this in garden or simply place it on the ground.


Pumpkin makes a really healthy addition to any smoothie. How about a pumpkin smoothie? Simply dice the good part of pumpkin and add it in a blender. Also add honey and orange juice to it. Blend it well and add some milk to adjust consistency. You are done!