An Indian woman is traditionally recognized for her ‘Saree’. Girls start accepting this tradition outfit right from their teen age’s .A women never goes unnoticed and unappreciated in saree. There are hundreds of ways to drape your saree and thousands of textures in saree. Wearing saree is not just draping around your waist, but it includes art which makes you look slim and beautiful in saree.

Saree is a traditional outfit but it made its own way to capture attention and flashes on runway. In traditional India, we consider saree is carried by every woman when she attends puja, ceremonies, weddings or even outing. Your love for this Indian outfit will never fade away. Today I brought this post on how to look slim in saree –

WAYS TO LOOK SLIM IN SAREEColour: Colour is an important outfit, which makes you look fat or thin. If you wear light shaded colours, there are more chances that the saree may portray your personality as fat. Girls who are already slim and fit, they can choose an even light shade which gives a null effect to personality.

Texture: Not only colour, but texture is also important factor to be considered while wearing saree. Ladies who have a big tummy and need to shape up themselves, they can buy saree with light texture. Light texture saree refers to chiffon, georgette, net and some more. These textures fit to your body and do not make you look fat.

Border: If you are short in height and wearing a broad border saree, this surely won’t be appreciated. Choosing your saree border totally depends on your height, short height ladies should go for narrow borders and small prints. Ladies with good height should go with broad border sarees. Prints also do matter along with border. A more the height, more big the prints.

Drape your saree: The less the plate, the slim you would look. Adding more plates to saree will add more volume to your body, which may make you look a bit fat. Make sure you use saree pin to fix your saree well and not leave it loose from anywhere. If you want to style a new drape with your saree than remember you can have a successful experiment only if you have a light texture saree.

Blouse: Off course, a main thing to be considered while wearing saree. You should always have your blouse stitched well and in fitting. It should not seem that your shoulders have fell down and need a bit stitched and fixing. Use pins to fix the blouse properly, if you think it is a bit loose. Also do not choose any neck design for blouse that you won’t be able to carry well.

Hope you found this post useful and would surely take in account these points when you start wearing saree next time.