Ways to Clean a Leather Jacket

We just adore our expensive leather jackets but when it comes to wash them, we find it quite time-consuming and hard. But this is not time-consuming at all if you follow right steps. Actually if your jacket is so expensive, you should give it a dry wash from a reputed shop whom are experienced in these type of works. The laundry should be reputed. Anyways, if they are not so expensive and moderately priced one, you can opt for cleaning them in home. So here I am jotting down some tips to clean your leather jackets in home.

Ways to Clean a Leather Jacket

You should follow a simple tip to check whether you can wash it without any fear or not. Pour one- two drops of water on the jacket. If it sinks and absorbed by the jacket, you can just wipe it with mild damp cloth. Full washing is not for them. But if droplets are not sinned, you can easily wash them.

  • Read the instructions on the level attached with the jacket carefully and follow them. Don’t ignore them as the manufacturer knows the best for their products.
  • Cleansing with Olive oil- Olive oil is a wonderful cleanser which cleanses and conditions your leather jacket. Pour some olive oil onto a clean cloth and wipe it on your leather jackets. It will remove the stains from your jacket if there is any. Then wipe with some white vinegar. Then mix some olive oil and vinegar and apply this mixture gently on the jacket to condition it. But don’t forget to clean with a dry cloth afterwards.
  • Use leather detergent– Always use mild detergent which are specially formulated to clean leather items for your leather jackets. Firstly brush off the dirt present on outer surface of the jacket and then soak it into a big container. Please don’t soak them into a small tub as this can lead to damage of the leather. Massage your leather in the detergent water for some time and then left it for 4-5 minutes. Then wash it and air dry.
  • Dry in shade– you should dry your leather jackets in shades as direct sunlight for too many times can fade out the color of the jacket.
  • Leather stain removal spray- you can also use branded leather stain removal spray to remove stain from your jacket. Spray it on the area and then gently rub the spot for cleaning. You should not rub vigorously as it may cause discoloration of that particular area. Always use gentle and light strokes to clean them.
  • Don’t use rough clothes– Make sure that you aren’t using a rough surface cloth to clean leather jacket. Cause it tends to make your leather rough too due to rubbing.
  • Leather polisher– Leather polisher or conditioner is also available in the market in the cream form. You can use them to keep your jacket new looking. But use them after cleaning or brushing. Don’t use them on dirty surface as it will attract more grimes!
  • Inside out- When washing with detergent and water you can take the inside out of the leather jacket as it keeps the leather safe and helps to clean the inner surface easily. This is an effective way to clean your jacket.
  • Avoid machine- Yeah all know that cleaning something in washing machine is much more easier but there is the exception in case of leather items. So better will be avoiding this!

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