Consumption of junk food or metabolism disturbances can cause pH imbalances. pH can get acidic and facilitate growth of opportunistic bacteria and disease causing bacteria that invade our bodies. It is very necessary to maintain a healthy alkaline environment to inhibit growth of unwanted organisms. Too acidic environment can cause inflammation internally and cause gas, stomach ache, heart burn, nausea etc.

There are a lot of ways to keep your body pH balanced by doing some healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Here are some ways to alkalize your body:


Lemons help to clear the body of excess acids and create an alkaline-forming state. Lemons are best consumed in the form of a lemonade, especially first thing in the morning to flush out toxins. To make the lemonade, mix the juice of half an organic lemon with two teaspoons of raw honey and eight ounces of warm water.


Cream of tartar is acidic just like lemon. It too helps create an acidic-forming state. Acidosis can cause nausea and headache. Cream of tartar can be used to quell nausea and to relieve headache. Mix one to two teaspoons cream of tartar with eight ounces of water and consume when needed.


Symptoms like muscle pain, headaches, gas, sluggish digestion, and just a general acidic feeling can all disappear in mere seconds after you have some ACV. Apple cider vinegar is nature’s most alkaline, probiotic-rich drink. Simply add 3-4 tablespoons in 2 cups water and consume whenever you have the acidic feelings and symptoms.


Spirulina is a dried algae rich in multivitamins. Spirulina is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can soothe acidity and balance pH levels. You can use spirulina to make green smoothies. If you want to make a simple anti-inflammatory, alkalizing drink, just keep things simple, and add a boost with spirulina. To any green smoothie, add in 1 tablespoon of spirulina to 1 cup of smoothie.


Baking soda water is a fast and easy way to alkalize your body. If you have severe acid reflux, baking soda water can help. Mix a teaspoon on natural baking soda  in a cup of water, and drink it first thing in the morning.


Ale vera pulp is the best remedy for acidosis and can quickly alkalize your body. Aloe vera juice is the best way to consume aloe vera pulp. It won’t taste the best but it works really well and is totally worth it. You can make your own aloe vera juice by scooping out the pulp inside the leaves and blending it with water. Have this first thing in the morning on empty stomach.


Coconuts are a best way to quickly alkalize your body and they do not taste weird as other ingredients mentioned earlier and can easily be consumed. Coconuts are a great source of energy and can also help to boost you up from fatigue related to acidosis. You may simply drink up fresh coconut water, coconut milk or eat coconut meat.


– Snack on raw, unsalted almonds. Almonds are packed with natural alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium.

– Consume green leafy veggies. Greens are among the best sources of alkaline minerals, like calcium.

– Workout or exercise daily. Exercise helps move acidic waste products so your body can better eliminate them.

– Skip the sugar-laden dessert or soda. Sugar is one of the most acidic foods we consume.