WAYS OF USING EXTRA PLASTIC BOTTLES AROUND THE HOUSEPlastic bottles are wasted every single day. They are in fact, the biggest waste product in the world. What makes this problem even worse is that they are not biodegradable! There are many things that you can do with these bottles to help save the environment and come out of it with a nice piece of artwork. Here are some of the brilliant ways of using plastic bottles around the house:

Hate spending money on expensive vases? You can make one using a little bit of spray paint and a bottle. Just cut off the top narrow portion of the bottle and fold the upper 3 inch section inwards and give it a nice curve. Spray paint it the way you like and tada! Pretty vase ready! Quick, easy and affordable.

You can make a watering can for your garden using an empty plastic bottle. Just make a hole in the cap (multiple holes will work better) and fill the bottle with water! You may apply a little pressure and tilt the bottle to water the plants. Another method in which you can water the garden (irrigation) is that, you can make multiple holes all over the bottle and insert the watering pipe inside the bottle!

If you have a lot of jewellery and have run out of room in your jewellery box, you can use plastic bottles to create a beautiful one of a kind jewellery stand. You only need the flower shaped base of 3-4 bottles. Attach it one above the other on a stand using a screw and store your jewellery in it!

Tired of your messing up your yarn while sewing woollens? Plastic bottle can come to your rescue. You can put the yarn inside the bottle (with the cap section cut off to make space for the yarn roll to go in) and use the thread coming out of the bottle neck!

Plastic bottles make really good alternatives to plant bases or pots. Just cut a small section horizontally off the bottle and fill it up with soil and it is ready to be planted!

You can make a bird feeder using plastic bottles. Fill the bottle with grains or bird feed and hang it in your garden or window tops. Make tiny holes in it by inserting a spoon.

You can also make bird house using plastic bottles. All you need to do is make a medium size hole (4-5 inch diameter) in the middle of a bottle and cover the base with dried grass. Hang this in your garden or outside the window.

Bottles can be used to make trendy yarn lamps! Cut the bottles in half and use the top narrow portion. Roll a yarn onto it (stick it) and put a light bulb in the centre.

There are many more uses of plastic bottles. Is there any other way you use the plastic bottles?