WAYS OF USING ARTIFICIAL PLANTS AROUND THE HOUSE It’s never been easier to brighten up your home or office decor using artificial plants. They’re perfect for bringing a touch of life to your living room and are virtually maintenance free. Artificial plants and flowers give a very different feel to any environment.

While many people still associate artificial plants as fake or plastic looking, you can rest assured artificial plant designs have come a long way in terms of their production.

There have been much advancement in the silk botanical industry, so a quality silk plant retailer will always offer you plants that look and even feel realistic. Real plants are always the best no doubt; they clean the air and have a scent of their own! But you cannot obviously place them anywhere and everywhere! They need proper light and a free surrounding!

If you have few empty places and corners, you would always want to place an artificial plant there, right? Here are different ways in which you can use artificial plants around the house:

  • You cannot just place an artificial flower/plant in a vase! Those are artificial we know but we certainly do not want to make them look more artificial! You can add some dry sand and beach rocks or flint stones in a vase or small pot and place the plant in it.
  • Always place an artificial flower-pot on your side table as it makes it look good no doubt, but always takes away the boredom of the table and makes it look classy! Especially if it’s a study table.
  • My aunt loves decorating her house with artificial plants. I have learnt this one interesting way of making your washroom look attractive. You can hang one artificial plant just outside the washroom in the corner of the door or beside the sink/basin inside your washroom! It looks really amazing!
  • If you have a tall pot, you can put long artificial leaves along with painted broom sticks; and place it in any corner of the living room.
  • If you have a small cylindrical pot, you can put artificial flowers in it along with broom sticks painted with glitter and place it on one side of the dressing table.
  • Really tiny pots with tiny artificial flowers and plants can be placed beside your TV.
  • If you have artificial bamboo plants, make sure you use flat pots for them. They can be placed in the kitchen windows or bathroom windows. They can also be placed on living room shelves! They are certainly multipurpose 😛
  • Artificial creepers work amazingly in decorating your living room or a window! You can sew them into anything or just hang them beside your curtain or even sew them on the curtain rod.
  • If you are using flint stones, try using transparent glass pots. They look really nice.

Now that you know the tricks and tips for using artificial plants around the house, go invest in some good plants and start decorating!

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