Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Vitamins are very essential for our body because our body can’t produce vitamins on its own. Vitamins are required in small quantity but you should be getting all vitamins so that the need of your body is fulfilled. Lack of vitamins can show up on your skin, yes vitamins matter a lot and deficiency of vitamin can affect your skin. Here are some vitamins which are essential for healthy skin.

Vitamins for Healthy SkinDry Skin: Rough dry and flaky skin is a common symptom of vitamin A deficiency. If you skin is suddenly becoming more dry and scaly then there is a possibility that your body might be lacking in Vitamin A.

Dry skin can also lead to ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, lose and dull skin. If you have seen any of the above symptoms then start taking Vitamin A supplements right away.

Include more and more green leafy vegetable in your diet, drink milk two times daily and have egg at least in your breakfast. Include fruits which are rich in Vitamin A like carrot, paprika, tomatoes, mango, peaches, papaya etc. Vitamin A supplements are also very good and they give faster results but make sure you consult your doctor before taking supplements. Vitamin A is also good for healthy eyes as it improves eyesight.

Glowing Skin: If your skin is dull and lifeless then certainly your body is suffering from Vitamin B deficiency. Yes, this deficiency can occur due to many reasons and one of the most common reasons is taking birth control pills.

Vitamin B speeds up the metabolism and including it in your diet will help you achieve healthy glowing skin. You know many doctors also recommend vitamin B supplements to b ride-0tro-be so that they can glow on their D-Day.

Include loads of leafy green vegetables, cereals, beans, pea, fish, and meat and egg yolks in your diet as they are rich in Vitamin B.

Oily Skin: If you have oily acne prone skin then to control oil secretion and to prevent breakouts you can use Vitamin E. Including Vitamin E in your diet will prevent the extra oil secretion which will ultimately reduce acne formation and other breakouts.

You can include the vitamin E supplement in your diet. Many people also prefer applying vitamin E capsules topically; it’s just about your personal preference. Vitamin E also repairs skin from the damage of Sunlight and makes skin tone even and radiant.

Leafy green vegetable, sunflower oil, peanuts, almond, olives etc are few dietary supplements of Vitamin E.

Aged Skin: If you are above 25, it means your skin is going to start the aging process. Aging is natural and you cannot stop it but you can definitely delay it using Vitamin C. Yes, studies show that people (both men and women) who consume Vitamin C food/supplements have fewer wrinkles and lesser dry skin.

Vitamin C is also being used in many topical creams and lotion targeting aging skin. Instead of option for expensive creams and lotion, you should have more and more food which is rich in Vitamin C.

Include fruit and vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, baked potato, and citrus fruits to delay the ageing process.