All About Using Essential Oils As Perfume

If you want to soothe your senses, feel fragrant and yet wish to opt for something that is absolutely non-toxic in nature, it is recommended that you resort to the use of essential oils as perfumes. Wish to learn more about using essential oils as your natural perfume? Here is a comprehensive post that is going to clear all your doubts in only five minutes. Read on!


All About Using Essential Oils As PerfumeWhy use essential oils as perfumes? Well, there are many reasons for you to use essential oils as perfumes. Here are the top ones:

  • Essential oils are the real, untainted and purest form of perfume.
  • They can effectively fight body odour and soothe the senses.
  • Synthetically produced fragrances are neither planet-friendly nor are they friendly to our bodies. So, it is better to opt for something natural and ‘green’.
  • Essential oils have therapeutic properties.
  • Essential oil blends do not pose any health hazards under normal conditions.
  • Ready-made perfumes contain a lot of alcohol and you end up paying thousands of rupees trying to buy a product that contains only traces of essential oils and gallons of alcohol. However, while you use essential oils as perfumes, the scenario is a different one.

So, using your own recipe for preparing essential oil perfume is going to be a great experience! However, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind. With the right tips and tricks, using essential oils as perfume is going to be an easy process for you.

How to choose the essential oil blend? Each one of us is different as individuals and it is desired that you respect your individuality. Hence, while choosing the blend, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The natural scent of your body
  2. The kind of fragrance you want
  3. The way you want to sway your senses or the senses of others

If you bear these three pointers in your mind, choosing the right oil or oil-blend is going to be easy for you. However, if you want it simple, wear your mood. Let it have a charming effect or a romantic one, a calming effect or a seductive one!

What are needed for preparing essential oil perfume? For preparing essential oil perfume, you need the following things:

  • A good quality base oil (use an oil with neutral smell like olive oil, jojoba oil, grape-seed oil or sweet almond oil)
  • Essential oils of superior quality
  • A container for storing the perfume, preferably a non-reactive one.

How much essential oil should be used? It depends on the note you want to achieve. The blend should be a mixture with essential oils in the base notes, middle notes and top notes. For base notes, use one drop of essential oil. For middle notes, use two drops and for top notes, use three drops. The top notes are volatile, pungent and quick to act. The middle notes are stable, with soothing and balancing properties. The base notes are warm, sensuous and lingers for a long time.

Essential oils perfume recipes: Here are a few quick recipes you may like to try out:

  • Mix Roman Chamomile (1 drop), Bergamot (2 drops), Lavender (3 drops) and carrier oil (15 ml) for a perfect stress-relieving perfume blend
  • Mix Geranium (2 drops), Ylang Ylang (2 drops), Sandalwood (2 drops) and carrier oil (15 ml) for a perfect blend to arouse your senses
  • Mix Sandalwood (8 drops), Lavender (3 drops), Cedarwood (1 drops) and carrier oil (15 ml) for that mysterious effect!
  • Mix them up and then pour it into a spray bottle or a roll on container.

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Don’t you think using essential oils as perfume can be really exciting? However, it is advised that you practise caution and do a patch test before you use essential oils on skin lest you end up getting irritation and rashes.