I love receiving gifts! Who doesn’t? almost everybody receives gifts either on Christmas, Diwali or birthday etc. When you have tons of gifts (in the case of receptions or weddings!) you might find half the room filled with ripped gift wrapping papers. These papers are so pretty that we usually store them neatly folded under the bed or in some cupboard for future re-wrapping. If you don’t want to store wrapping paper for the next appropriate holiday or birthday, get creative and use it for other purposes. Here are the top uses for leftover wrapping paper:


Use a paper shredder to make festive confetti for your next party. That shit will get everywhere but it will look festive, that’s for damn sure. Just take your leftover piece of wrapping paper, fold it over on itself a few times until it fits within the width of your shredder and feed it through. It can also be used as packing material for protecting and/or storing fragile items, including delicate Christmas decor. Or use it as filler for homemade gift baskets throughout the year.


Measure the interior base of a rimmed serving tray. Cut wrapping paper to fit. If desired, have paper laminated (at a stationery store or with an at-home kit) for longer wear, cutting paper slightly smaller to allow laminated edges to fit tray. Insert into tray; secure with double-sided tape if needed.


Reading a tome you want to keep private or need to protect your kid’s textbooks? Cover with wrapping paper. You’ll end up with privacy and a pretty cover!


Some paper is just too pretty to toss. Good thing it can make eye-catching (and inexpensive) art. Find a standard frame and fill it with your favourite wrapping paper. This is also a good strategy if you are trying to sell your home and want to depersonalize it for potential buyers without taking down your framed photos.


If you hate working with flimsy tissue paper patterns, lay them out on the white back of the wrapping paper and transfer them with a Sharpie (it bleeds through the tissue). The new paper patterns are easier to fold and store and last through many more folding than tissue. And you certainly don’t have to pay for special pattern tracing paper!


Leftover wrapping paper can also make a neat wreath. It’s really easy and produces a beautiful project you can do with family and friends. You need Wrapping paper from all those great presents, tissue paper works too, and a bow, Scissors and Wire coat hanger, bent into a circle. Now smooth out the wrapping paper a bit, and get it into a piece about 9″ wide, by whatever. Roll the paper up, and cut into strips, about 1″ wide. Does not have to be precise! Take a strip of paper; put it around the coat hanger, and twist, like a twist tie. Now, do that a million times! Slide them together to make the wreath full, and do it until you don’t see the hanger anymore. And now that your wreath is full, trim any long pieces, add a bow, and you’re done. There, you made a free decoration, and you saved some wrapping paper from ending up in the dump.

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