Honey is one of the basic and most important ingredients which we can get in every household. Most of the home remedies include the use of honey right from cleaning face to add sweetness to your desert. Fortunately, this is one among the product which is loved by children because of its sweetness.

SWEET AND NATURAL HEALING NECTAR.You taste it raw, add it with water or garnish on some favourite savoury it would always good and refreshing. No wonder, it helps to freshen up your taste buds. Here we mention you some of the unusual uses of honey no one told you.

  1. Helps as a natural face wash

Did you know honey can be use a natural face wash and mask too? This is recommended when you need to wash twice or thrice a day where you mostly use the chemical made soap bars and liquid washes. Instead using honey can help you to maintain the skin moisturised, remove the blackheads and also keeps away from acne which is mostly due to ant bacterial properties in it.

  1. Dry and black elbow

You can always use some honey to moisturise your dark and dry elbow. Spare some time from the day, to give a 10 minute massage to the elbow and knees too. You may mix some lemon drops to honey and continue to massage it well. Lemon will help to give brightening effect to the skin.

  1. Shaving

Shaving with honey is one of the most effective ingredients you would have ever tried. Although, honey is rich is consistency you can add some water and then shave. Due to anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties, it helps to keep your skin out of razor cuts, gives a good skin texture and also helps to razor to glide easily.

  1. Helps to treat mid night wakes

There are many people who wake up at mid night which would particularly range from 2 pm to 4 pm. This habit is due to hormonal imbalance and improper sleep.  Drinking Luke warm water with honey added to it before sleep can help to treat this disorder and induce deep sleep.

  1. Hair wash

If you are suffering from allergies over scalp, or itching due to dandruff that using honey as a hair wash is the best remedy.  Just give a small massage with honey towards the end of each follicle and leave the scalp for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Honey shampoo for shiny hair >>

  1. Use as lip balm

Using honey can help to treat chapped lips where you can even make your own lip balm. Take some beeswax, honey and vitamin c and make a lip balm of your own at home. Applying raw honey can also give you pink, moisturised lips.

  1. Treats sore throat – You can a victim of a sore throat at any season irrespective of any proper speculation of problems affecting the throat. You can easily treat a sore throat by mixing some honey and lemon to half glass of Luke warm water. Drinking twice a day can improve the results.
  1. Scrubbing

You can improve any scrub just by adding few drops of honey to it. Honey is heavy in consistency and sticky in nature, which helps to exfoliate the skin well and remove the dirt effectively. It also gives you good result.

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