Turmeric Powder Cleanser for clear, radiant and even skin tone

Powder Cleanser for clear, healthy and radiant skin

Turmeric or the curcuma longa with an Indian native is a medicinal Indian spice used in every Indian cooking. It provides best treatment and powerful against all skin problems especially the acne. Turmeric containing anti bacterial and anti septic properties is most beneficial and a key ingredient in the Ayurvedic science helping in treating the skin infections, acne, lightening acne scars and prevents their occurrence. Along with the reduction of acne, it is an ancient Indian beautifying agent which makes skin youthful and glowing. That is why the tradition of beautifying an Indian bride with turmeric remains even to this day. Here is a recipe for turmeric powder cleanser for tackling acne and improving skin complexion.

Powder Cleanser for clear, healthy and radiant skin


  • Reduces pimples, nourishes skin and reduces scars.
  • The rice flour used here softens and shines skin making your skin look brighter.
  • Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti oxidant agents which reduces skin inflammation and acne. Along with reducing acne they even prevent their rebirth giving a healthy complexion to skin.
  • Being antiseptic kills down germs and shrinks the heavy acne. You will find the reduction of the size of pimples immediately.
  • It cools down skin, reduces acne, acne marks, also skin pigmentation and makes your skin baby soft.

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Things you need-

  • 1/3 organic Rice flour
  • 1/4 cup organic gram flour
  • 1 teaspoon organic turmeric powder

Powder Cleanser for clear, healthy and radiant skinDirections-

In a bowl or jar, add rice flour and gram flour. Add in turmeric powder and mix well.

Store the turmeric powder cleanser in an air-tight jar/case.


To use, take some powder on your palms and mix it with rose water or honey or coconut milk. Use the paste to massage your skin, let it sit for few mins before you rinse off.

Turmeric Powder Cleanser to fight acne and brighten skin

**Caution:  Patch test before using.