Top Tips To Get Rid Of Ants naturally

If ants have been bothering you for quite a while now, and nothing seems to keep them at bay, you could consider trying out some of the best-known natural remedies to keep these tiny (yet capable enough to give you a lot of trouble) creatures away. Of course, if you have been into the habit of preparing mouth-watering sweet dishes and delectable items with that delicious aroma, can we really blame the poor ants? Nevertheless, it is desired that these little ones don’t invade our house and here is an article that is going to help you with some of the most effective tips and tricks.

Top Tips To Get Rid Of Ants naturally


Top four tips to get rid of ants in your home

Keep your kitchen clean:
Cleanliness is important if you want to keep ants away-

  • Don’t leave the dirty dishes unattended. It is wise that once you have used them, wash them clean.
  • Kitchen garbage, like unwanted leftover food, vegetable peels and fish scales, should not be kept in the kitchen trash-box for a long time. Try to throw them away as early as possible.
  • Make sure that sauce bottles, jam jars and honey containers don’t have any residue left behind.

These steps will make sure that ants don’t invade the house in the first place.

Barrier at the entrance:

  • Now, try to block the entrance. If you are already familiar with the zones that serve as the entrance facilitator for those tiny regiments, use soapy water or water to which mint oil has been and they act wonderfully well in ensuring that the ants don’t get a chance to enter.
  • Black pepper, red chilli pepper, cinnamon, citrus oil and turmeric also act as great natural defensive barriers and sprinkling some around the entrance zone would ensure that ants not enter your home.
  • Sprinkling salt directly on their path would deter them from entering your home.

Spray deterring odour:

  • Ants are not fond of scents of garlic and camphor. Sprinkle them in the ant-friendly zones.
  • Growing lavender or peppermint around the entrance areas is also a good idea.
  • Putting bay leaves in sugar box would yield great results.
  • Pour equal parts water and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Then spray it on anthills and around areas where you see the insects. Ants hate the smell of vinegar.

The natural ant-repellent:

Use the good old lemons to your advantage. Squeeze out lemon juice and pour them in ant holes. Squirt some along the window sills and thresholds. Also try scattering some lemon rinds around the entrance zone. Ants detest lemons and hence they will surely receive the message that they are just not welcome!
Cayenne pepper can help get rid of it. Pour the pepper down the ant hole.
Sprinkle some flour along the backs of pantry shelves and wherever you see ants entering the house.
Put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball and place in areas ants are crawling around.

Actually, it is possible to get rid of ants by using natural things which are readily available. So, use them to your advantage and keep your surroundings clean to save yourself from the ant attack!